Are You Struggling With Regret?

The other day I was having s session with one of my male clients (yes, I have some of those!) when he asked me about Woman-with-regretsregrets.

You see, he was struggling with regrets, lots of them. He had made a lot of unhealthy choices and ultimately those choices led to the demise of his marriage.

So, as we processed his regrets he turned and asked me. “What about you? You can’t tell me you don’t have any regrets?”

And I looked him straight in the eye and said, “No, I don’t! But I have a ton of mistakes!”.

You see, I’ve done a ton of things that have had disastrous results in my life. I’ve made relationship mistakes, financial mistakes and even parenting mistakes (if you don’t believe me ask my boys). And some of these mistakes have caused me and some of those that I love a ton of pain.

But with each so called “failure” I’ve stepped back and taken some Mirror Time to see how I can turn the mistake into an “expensive learning lesson”..

I learned a long time ago that beating myself up for the mistakes of the past doesn’t’ do me any good and it certainly doesn’t help me go forward on my journey.

But looking at my so called “failures” and seeing them as expensive learning lessons allows me to grow and make better choices and decisions so that I don’t have to look back and play the woulda, coulda, shoulda game.

I believe that we’re all doing the best we can in each moment and even when we make poor choices there’s always a valid reason behind why we’re doing so.

So if you’re doing the best that you can , why bet yourself up? Doesn’t it make more sense to see what you can learn from your mistakes?
So what about you? Do you have any regrets? Is there something that you’re struggling with that you are still beating yourself up with and that you can’t let go of?

What if instead of seeing it as a mistake which you regret you saw it as an expensive learning lesson designed by the Universe to help you grow and be a better you.

Wouldn’t you then be able to live with that regret more easily?

Today, In invite you to take some Mirror Time and look at the regret(s) you’re struggling with. And once you identify it I invite you to share what it is and how you can turn that regret into an expensive learning lesson and how that new perspective will help you as you go forward in your life.

And please make sure you share your thoughts, feelings and questions with us down below in the comments section.

Hope this helps!

Much Love,

Why a Guy Won’t Call You His Girlfriend

Have you ever been with a guy and you knew in your heart that he was your boyfriend but you weren’t sure if he felt strong enough to call you his girlfriend?

If, so this video is a must because you will learn that there are only two reasons why a guy is saying the words you desperately want to hear


Watch here…


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The Best Dating & Relationship Advice You Can Get

Do you know what the most common mistake you may be making in your love life is? Listening to others and not listening to your gut.

In this video you will learn a very strategic principle that will help make your dating and relationship life easier…and more enjoyable.

If you’re tired of reading books, searching the internet and watching videos (like this) to help you find love this video is for you

Watch Here…

Hope it helps!

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The Worst Dating & Relationship Advice You’ll Get

If you’re like most single women you’re constantly looking for advice to help improve your love life. Unfortunately much of that advice comes from other single people or individuals who are more focused on having you buy their book or program than they are in helping you understand exactly why you’re struggling.

Then there’s your friends and family members who try to make you feel better but who don’t realize that their advice is actually hurting you.

In this video you’ll learn about the worst advice you can get from outsiders and how to recognize that it’s advice you should avoid

Watch Here…

Hope It Helps!

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It’s Not Your Job To Fix a Guy

Do you have a habit of attracting guys who you feel you have to fix? Do you invest your heart on guys who are emotionally constipated and who can not give consistently give you the things you need to be happy?

If so, this video is for you!

You will learn a quick strategy which helps you recognize it’s time to walk away and cut your losses.

You’ll also learn the difference between “supporting” a guy and “fixing” him.

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3 Signs a Guy is Committed To Your Growth

If you’re like most members of our GPS for Love Community you want to be able to quickly identify if a guy is the RIGHT guy to invest your heart in.

In this video you will learn one of the most important criteria for choosing a mate and how to recognize the 3 signs he is equipped to be the RIGHT partner to share your life with.

Did one of your relationships fail because it (or you) stopped growing?  Please share your comments, questions and feedback below!

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Having A Hard Time Thinking Things Will Get Better?

As I was sitting down to write today blog I looked down on my computer screen and noticed that today was Dec. 8th.

December 8th might not be a significant day Crying woman clutching her head-854201to you but it is the anniversary of the worst day of my life. It was on this day that day my dad lost his battle to cancer. For four years I watched my dad suffer and go though operating after operation, and rounds of radiation
and chemotherapy only to die a painful death.

So why am I sharing this with you? Because there was a time, way back in the past where this day would elicit such emotional pain for me that I would do anything and everything I could to avoid it.

In fact, the pain got so bad a few months after my dad died that I tried to take my own life. I was 15 and the pain of seeing my dad waste away in front of my 15 year old eyes was so bad that I didn’t want to go on because I couldn’t imagine things getting any better.

And it’s ironic that now, many years later I am now grateful for that day.

Now I know you’re thinking. “Joe, How can you be grateful for your dad’s death?”.

And before we go further let me clear things up. I am not grateful for his death. It was the worst thing I have had to experience in my life. My dad was my world, he was everything to me. We did everything together and when he died there was a void the size of the Grand Canyon left in my heart.

I am not grateful for his death but I am grateful for what his death taught me. The reason I am grateful TODAY for his passing is because it caused my life to go into a totally different direction.

A lot of who I am today: the way I think, the choices and decisions I make (and don’t make) and the person I try to be is all a result of the experience of going through my dad’s death.

I know it’s hard to believe (especially if you’re going though a painful time of your own right now), but sometimes your greatest pains happen to you because the Universe is making changes so that we grow and take a different paths in your life.

A good friend of mine, Mastic Kipp, creator of The Daily Love blog, calls these times “Divine Storms”.

But there’s a problem with these Divine Storms. We don’t like em! And the reason we don’t like em is b/c they”re painful.

But once you realize that the turbulence and pain caused by the Divine Storms are divinely created to help you get to a better place or experience in your life it becomes a lot easier to ride them out.

Over the previous three weeks Natalie and I have been through A LOT in our personal lives. In fact, yesterday was one of those days where I was going “WTF..did we do something to piss off the gods?”

But after throwing a pity party for myself I snapped back to reality and realized that we were in the middle of a Divine Storm. I now realize that there’s something going on beneath the surface, the hand of the BIG GUY IN THE SKY is at play. And although I may not understand exactly what is going on now I am extremely confident that the reason(s) will reveal themselves in due time.

So today If you’re reading this and going through some sh*t I want you to ask yourself …”What if this wasn’t happening TO me? What if this is actually happening FOR me and my growth? What could the possible lesson be?

And after you answer that question I invite you to  share what you have learned below in the comments section with the other members of the GPS for Love Community because I guarantee you that there is someone else going through the same stuff and who will be helped by you sharing..

Much Love,

If you know someone who is going through a Divine Storm of their own and who may benefit for today”s blog do them a  favor and forward this to them. It may be the ray of sunshine they need.
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Long Distance Relationships – Do They Work?

There’s not a week that goes by where I don’t receive a bunch of questions that pertain to long distance relationships. So today I decided to make a video which talks about the pros and cons of long distance relationship and why I think LDR’s make things more complicated.

If you’re in a long distance relationship, considering one  or you’re doing the online dating thing this video will help you recognize if a long distance relationship is the right relationship for you.

Watch here…

After watching today’s vblog I’d love to hear your thoughts. How do you feel abut long distance relationships? Have you ever been in one? Would you consider one?

I invite you to share any comments, questions or feedback below.

Much Love,



Do You Keep Picking The Wrong Guys?

I’ve got a question for you…Do you keep picking the wrong guys?

Do you keep pursuing guys who are really good looking, who cheating-husbandhave great physical features, but who ultimately break your heart?

Are you turned off by the nice guys because they’re too boring and predictable?

Do you keep wasting your time on guys who will never give you the love you really want?

If so you’re an excitement addict.

You’re addicted to the “chemistry” of being with a guy where there is instantly a rush of excitement, fun and sexual tension/passion. And even though this chemistry is fun and exciting in the beginning it blinds you from the fact that guys like this are bad for you
because your hormones keep you from recognizing the red flags that the guy isn’t relationship material

When I was in Chiro school I had a classmate of mine, named Mark (not his real name) who was really good looking. And when a bunch of my classmates and I would go out “clubbing” women would flock to Mark. And the worse he treated women the more some of them would pursue him.

And it used to blow my mind.

In fact, he once told me…”The more you treat a girl like shit, the more she’ll want you!”: And he was right for a lot of women his philosophy worked.
(NOTE*** ladies please note that this philosophy also works in reverse a lot of guys are attracted to a woman who plays games and treats a guy like crap)

And I gotta admit it used to piss me off AND intrigue me?


It pissed me off because I was one of those “nice guys” who women would bypass because they were more interested in being with the “Marks” of the world AND it would intrigue me because I couldn’t understand how some women would actually allow guys like Mark to get away with the sh*t that they did.

It didn’t make sense to me. until I learned about human behavior and why people do what they do. Because once I understood what drives a person’s behavior it all made perfect sense.

Guys like Mark become an emotional drug to some women. And because on some unconscious these guys are meting a woman’s psychological needs they have
a hard time letting got or walking away..

In some cases many of these women didn’t feel good about themselves and they didn’t ave the greatest amount of self worth and self confidence and being with guy like “Mark” made then feel significant and worthy.

In other cases being with a guy like Mark was exciting. It was an emotional game to see if they could tame a guy like Mark and make him fall in love with her. Unfortunately this was a game that couldn’t be won.

And lastly some of these women were so lonely and so desperate for male attention (something Mark knew and used to his advantage) that they would take any crumbs that Mark (or guys like him ) would give her.

Because I got to know Mark well over the four years we were in school I also got to know some of the girls he got involved with. And what I ultimately learned is that ALL of them knew Mark wasn’t giving them what they wanted (and most of them knew he was a player) and even though hey knew what kind of guy he was almost every one of them couldn’t understand why they couldn’t just walk away and tell him to F*CK OFF.

I couldn’t understand it then but now that I understand human behavior it makes perfect sense. For every one of these women Mark was simply a “drug” they were using to meet one or more of their emotional needs (see above). And no matter how much they waned to walk away many of them couldn’t because they were “hooked”.

Today, I invite you to take some Mirror Time. Do you have a history of being attracted to guys like Mark? Are you currently in a relationship with a Mark of your own? Did you Marry a Mark?

If so, ask yourself why you are with him (or were with him) and then notice your answer. it is usually going to be associated with a feeling. and it is that feeling which is the “hook” for you. It is that feeling which is the drug which kept you (or is keeping you) with a guy who is is not able to give you the type of relationship you desire…and deserve

After taking some Mirror Time & identifying why you’re attracted to the wrong types of guys I invite you to share what you have learned over on today’s blog. Because what you’ll see is you’re not alone. And maybe sharing your experience will prevent a member of the GPS for Love community from getting involved with another Mark…because there’s a lot of them out there!

Hope this helps!

Much Love,


Will He Be There For You…Always?

Today is a tough day in the Amoia Household. My son Robbie and I are both battling severe colds and there’s a lot of a stuff Man comforting a womangoing on in our family that I won’t get into out of respect to the privacy of some of our family members.

Let me tell you it’s times like these that are hard…real hard. And if my wife and I weren’t’ on the same page and committed to each other these things that are going on could cause some problems in our marriage.

But the good news is that Natalie & I have been thru tough times before. And every time we’re done we’ve always come out with a stronger and better relationship.

Now I know the curiosity in you is dying to know whats going on. And I really can’t get into details but I can say that a close member of the family is going thru a severe depression and its causing this person to make some very unhealthy choices and decisions.

And I’m sharing this with you because I don’t want to sugar coat things. I don’t want to paint a picture that life is perfect and it’s always filled with sunshine and rainbows.

Life can be hard sometimes and it can try to bring you down but as long as you have the ability to meet the challenges head on you’ll always get thru it and become a better person.
And that’s one of the ways you’ll recognize the right guy when he comes along. Instead of picking up his toys and running away when life throws sh*t at you, the right guy will dig in his heals and grab your hand as you both walk thru the adversity.

And the really beautiful thing is that once your out of the fire you will see that it really was a gift which helped you grow even closer together.

Do you have a habit of attracting boys who run or crumble at the first signs of adversity or do you tend to attract the “MEN” who can give you the love and support you need.

Feel free to share your experience with us below in the comments section.

Have an amazing day!

Much Love,