How To Talk To A Guy Without Scaring Him Away


Have you ever been involved with a guy and you wanted to talk to him but you were afraid that you might upset him? Have you ever held back from having a conversation with a guy because you were afraid he might leave you?

Concerned that if you ask a guy some questions you’ll appear desperate and needy?

If so, you MUST watch this video because you’ll learn a simple strategy on how to communicate with a guy that will make him more open and receptive to you

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Who Should Pay on a First Date?


The first date can be a very awkward and confusing time for a single person, especially when the check comes and it’s time to pay.

One of the most controversial topics is who should pay. Is it the man’s job, should both people pay or is it the sign of a modern woman if she picks up the tab?

In this video you will learn who should pay and why allowing this person to pay is the beginning step of a healthy relationship.

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What’s your take on today’s vblog? Do you agree or disagree? Have any first date experiences about paying on the first date that you would like to share.

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The Difference Between A Companion and A Life Partner


One of the biggest mistakes you may be making in your love life is that you’re looking for a companion instead of looking for a Life Partner.

What’s the difference?

In this video you’ll find out, because not knowing the difference will cause you to settle for a mediocre relationship instead of the great relationship you really want..and deserve!

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Do you have a history of looking for a companion instead of a partner? Do you start out looking for a life partner but settle for a companion?

How does today’s vblog relate to you and your pursuit of love? Scroll down and share your comments questions and feedback. I read em all!

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Love Addiction – Why Smart People Make Dumb Decisions


When it comes to love logic goes out the window. Once a person’s emotions kick in the chains of love become tighter and tighter and much more difficult to escape.

Have you ever been in a relationship which you knew wasn’t good for you, but couldn’t walk away?

If so, today’s vblog is for you. You will learn what love addiction is and why it’s easier to give someone else advice in their love life, than it is to follow your own.

You’ll also learn the three signs which indicate you’re addicted to a man

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Have you ever been addicted to love? Are you currently with a guy that you know isn’t right for you but you’re having trouble walking away?

If so, scroll down to the comments section and share let us know how today’s vblog pertains to you and your love life. And if you have any questions or feedback on Love Addiction, make sure to post em as well.

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3 Red Flags Which Will Scare Away a Good Man


Have you ever wondered what makes a man tell one woman that he isn’t ready for a commitment but then a few months later she finds out that he is in a committed relationship with someone else?

Was he telling her the truth or was she inadvertently doing something which made him realize she wasn’t the woman he wanted to be in a relationship with?

Are there some “boys” who have a problem with commitment?


But there are also a lot of good “men” out the who would gladly commit to the RIGHT WOMAN…just like I did!

In this video you will learn the 3 red flags which will scare a good man away and send him into the arms of another woman.

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After watching this video to take some Mirror Time and explore if you could could possibly sending the wrong signals. And if you are feel free to post your questions, comments or feedback below.

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How To Win a Guy’s Respect


Are you having trouble finding guy’s who will give you the respect you desire?

Would you like to learn the secret to earning a guy'[s respect?

If so, you must watch this video because you will learn the #1 thing you MUST do to ensure that a guy sees you as a woman who is worthy of his respect

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And after you watch today’s video I invite you to take some Mirror Time to see if you been setting up the proper boundaries for respect.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on getting a guy’s respect and how it applies to your love life. Feel free to any comments or questions below.

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How Many Strikes Should a Guy Get?


Today I want to address something that I see happen way too much among the GPs for Love community.

Now at first what I may be saying may seem cold and I know that there will be part of you that says, “yeah Joe I agree, but if I do this I”ll never find a man” two strikes and your out

And I understand. But that is simply your fear talking which has been based on your past experience with the boys.

I promise you that if you listen closely and follow this advice it will make dating so much easier for you.

One of the biggest mistakes you’re making in your love life is that you give guys way too many chances. You give guys all the power. You let them dictate when to call, when to ask you out and when to get in your pants.

Yes, in the context of a relationship a man takes the lead. It is the man’s job to step up and show you that he ia s guy who knows how to respect and treat a woman.

But that does not mean you sit back and allow him to dictate things and you have no say.

So when a guy says he’s going to call and he doesn’t, tell him….”look, I’m looking for a guy that I can trust and when you say you’re going to call and you don’t, you’re showing me that you’re not a man of your word”

That’s it and if he does it again, KICK HIS ASS TO THE CURB!

“But Joe, that’s too harsh!”

Is it?

Let me ask you this. Of all the guys you dated, of all the guys who didn’t keep their agreements with you, how many of them were able to give you the relationship you really wanted?

You see when a guy says he’s going to do something and he doesn’t do it and you allow him to get away with you you are letting him know that his boyish behavior is ok and that you will allow it.

I’m a big believer in having clear boundaries as to how you want to be treated by your partner.

And if the person you’re involved with screws up, simply let him know that you have more respect fro yourself than to allow a guy to treat you that way.

“But Joe won’t he think I’m a b*tch?”.

No. Not if he’s a MAN!

Because a man is smart enough to know when he drops the ball. And a man has no problem seeing when his behavior inadvertently hurts the woman he cares about.

and if that guy realizes that his behavior may cause him to lose an amazing women like you, he’ll do his best to make sure he doesn’t screw up again.

You know why?

Because a man has integrity.

So if you want a great relationship with a man my advice is to stop giving the boys too many chances.
The heck with three strikes and you’re out. I suggest you give him two.

Strike One: You lovingly let him know that he dropped the ball.

Strike Two: He’s OUT!

Now if he’s a man he’ll learn from his mistake. But if he’s a boy he’ll repeat it.

So why continue to give him an extra strike when you’re only going to get to the same conclusion?
Do you have a history of giving guys too many chances? If so, Why?
How many chances do you think a guy should;d get?

Scroll down to the comments section share your thought and questions with us.

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Do You Focus On The Men or The Boys?


Natalie, the boys and I just returned from a road trip to North Carolina to visit some friends of ours.

The other day when we went out to lunch I met a guy at a restaurant and although we talked for only a few minutes 

Young woman looking through binoculars

Young woman looking through binoculars

it was clear this guy was a MAN.

I interacted with a bunch of people that day but there was just something about this guy and his energy that made me want to get o know him better.
So why am I sharing this with you and what the heck does it have to do with your love life?


You see, if you want to make your love life much easier you want to start off by focusing on the MEN not the boys.

That does not mean that you live in fantasy land and you pretend that “boys” don’t exist.


And there’s lots of them. The reality is that the boys outnumber the men by a ratio of 3:1.

That’s just the facts!

Now you can say that sucks and you can expend all of your energy hoping and praying that the boys will see the light and suddenly turn into the men you would like them to be.

But you’d be wasting your time. The odds of a boy turning into a man is about the same as me growing my hair back!

So stop wasting your time on the boys!

Instead use your energy to focus on the MEN. Start noticing all of the guys who know how to treat women. Start paying attention to the good husbands, fathers and guys who value and treat women (and others) the way they deserve to be treated!

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. Simply start looking for evidence that a guy is a MAN.

You see, the interesting thing about your brain is that it acts like the search engine, Google.

It will find whatever evidence that you tell it to look for.

If you’re brain says, all guys are jerks. Guess what you’ll constantly find…..JERKS!

Start focusing on finding the MEN and guess what you’ll suddenly start seeing in your life….MORE MEN!

Don’t believe me?

How about a lil experiment? For the next few days tell yourself that that you’re going to look for evidence of these rare creatures. Make a conscious effort to seek out the guys who are unselfish, mature and who know how to treat women (and others) with respect and class.

Now I’m not saying that you won’t come across a boy or two during these two days. Remember I said, that the boys outnumber the men by a ratio of 3:1
This experiment is not designed to bullsh*t yourself.
It’s designed to help you start training yourself to recognize the GOOD MEN when they cross your path.

Because if your mind is so focused on the boys and their selfish, immature and disrespectful behavior that is what you’ll continue to find.

I’ve been a guy for over four decades and I’ll be the first to tell you there’s a ton of boys out there. But there’s also a lot of great men who would love to be in a relationship and who have no problem with commitment.

The problem for many of these MEN is that a lot of women can’t find them because they’re too focused on the boys.

Do you focus too much on the boys? Do you have a hard time even believing that good men exist? If so, scroll down to the comments section and share your thoughts and feedback.. And if you have any other questions, make sure to post them as well

Hope this helps!
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Looking for Breakthrough In Your Love Life?


Yesterday the world lost one of it’s MAJOR spiritual teachers. And he just wasn’t one of the many great teachers who is roaming the planet, he is also THE person who caused me to have one of the BIGGEST breakthroughs in my life.                                      Wayne dyer

At the time I was 19 years old. it was a few years after my dad had passed and I still felt a huge void in my life after his death. And on top of this I was going through a major depression because my girlfriend of three years , the one and only girl I had ever dated dumped me.

At the time it felt like more than I could take. The pain I felt from being dumped was 100X worse than the pain I felt from losing my dad to cancer.

Everyone around me was telling me I’d be ok and that things would turn around and I’d find someone else. But at the time I didn’t want anyone else. And I didn’t want to feel all of the pain I was feeling in my heart.

Then, one day, while I was in a local bookstore, I looked down at the shelf. There was a book that caught my eye. For some reason, even with all of the other books on the shelf this one book stood out.

I picked it up and started reading it. And I couldn’t put it down. So, I decided to buy the book.

And this one book CHANGED MY LIFE.

It changed my life not because it had some earth shattering revelation. But because it made me realize something so simple. And it was this revelation which became the catalyst to make some major changes in my life.

The book was called, “The Sky’s The Limit” and the author was Wayne Dyer. At the time, I had no idea who Wayne Dyer was but reading his book I wanted to know more about him and his work.

The Breakthrough that I had after the reading the book wasn’t earth shattering. It wasn’t some ancient secret found in secret scrolls. And it wasn’t some complex formula that was hard to understand.

It was the realization that I had the POWER to decide how I want to look at things.
You see, Dyer made me realize that I didn’t have to be a victim in life. I had a choice in the way I could look at and deal with things.

And it’s a philosophy that I continue to use in my life today, almost thirty years since I first read that book.

So why and I sharing this with you and what does it have to do with your love life?
Well, if you’re like me (and most of the members of our GPS for Love community) you’re a seeker.

You’re always looking for answers. You’re trying to make things better
You’re trying to make sense of the past and you’re trying to figure out what you need to do differently to create the results you really want in your love life.

You’re looking for a BREAKTHROUGH. Right?

Well, I’m here to tell you that a BREAKTHROUGH doesn’t have to be some mystical event where the heavens open up and reveal some earth shattering secret that you’ve been missing.

More often than not a BREAKTHROUGH is a simple change in perception.

And when you finally have that BREAKTHROUGH that is when you are able to make the changes that will lead to the results you really want in your life, including creating an AMAZING relationship.

So, today I invite you to open up to the possibility of having the BREAKTHROUGH you’re looking for.

Instead of focusing how bad things are and how much you’re struggling, tell the Universe that you’re ready for a BREAKTHROUGH. And then keep your eyes and ears open, you’ll never know where it may show up.

Hope this helps!
Much Love,

Does this blog resonate with you? Do you have any questions about how to have a BREAKTHROUGH that you would like answered/addressed? if so, scroll down to the comments section and share em with us.

Ready To Give Up?


Normally I would start the e-mail off by saying “Happy Friday’ but to be quite honest today (and the last week) has been tough, very tough. And it’s been very hard to keep a smile on my

25 Oct 2009 --- Lightning flashes in a cloudy sky during a storm. --- Image by © Gregg Williams/National Geographic Society/Corbis

25 Oct 2009 — Lightning flashes in a cloudy sky during a storm. — Image by © Gregg Williams/National Geographic Society/Corbis

face and be my normal self.

Lately I’ve been feeling like the Universe has been conspiring against me. There has been one challenge after another and in years past these types of times would have put me into a major funk.

They say, “With age comes wisdom”. And I don;t know how if that’s really true, but I do know that as I grow older I do my best to learn from the lessons that life keeps giving me..
And when times like this hit, my friend Mastin Kipp has helped me recognize life’s “Divine Storms” are not happening to me, but for me.

You see, I know understand that there is some message or lesson in all of this for me. And although things might not make sense now, there will be a time in the not too distant future where I will see the hand of the Universe at work.

So what does this have to do with you and your love life?


Because if you’re like me and most of the other members of our GPS for Love community you are very familiar with these Divine Storms.

Maybe you’re in one now. You’ve been so rattled but why is happening and you’re head is spinning so fast that you can’t see or think straight. Or maybe you’ve been hit by a divine storm in the past and you’re having a hard time moving on and getting over the pain that has been left in its wake.

You see, we’re all human and we;’re all going to experience divine storms in our life, especially in our relationships.

But the cool thing about these divine storms is that if you just let them pass and you don’t fight them you will often see that they are meant to help you grow and make some changes.

When I was with my ex I was in a Divine Storm for almost two years. At the time I knew noting about Divine Storms and how they worked (If I did my Divine Storm would have been much shorter). And it wasn’t until a few months after the Divine Storm passed did I understand what its purpose really was.

Looking back now I am eternally grateful for my Divine Storm (and all of the other Divine Storms in my life) because I now see how they were a necessary part of my journey.

And I am extremely confident that this Divine Storm that I am currently experiencing in my life, will quickly pass as well. And when it does, when the clouds dissipate and the sun appears again it the purpose of the Divine Storm will make sense.

And until it does, I will embrace this time and see it for what it is…an experience created by the Universe to help me learn and grow!

Are you currently going thru a Divine Storm in your love life? If so, why do you think it’s happening? what is the message or what is the lesson the Universe is trying to get you to learn?

Scroll down to the comments section and share it with us.

And if you’re having trouble seeing the reason(s) behind the Divine Storm, make sure you share as well. Maybe we can help you figure it out!

Hope This Helps!
Much Love,