Like, Love or Respect

When it comes to creating a happy and fulfilling relationship which is most important to you? Like, Love or Respect

Yes, they’re all important but one of them is the foundation that ultimately leads to the other two..

When you watch this video you will not only learn which one is MOST important, but you will learn WHY it is MOST important.

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After watching the video I invite you to post any questions, comments or feedback below.


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3 Signs a Guy is Emotionally Constipated

Ever date a guy who said one thing and did another? How about the guy who was only interested in you for what is in your pants?

These guys are examples of guys who are Emotionally Constipated.

if you’re looking for a long term relationship, you must learn how to identify and recognize these guys before you get involved with them.

By watching this video you will not only learn what Emotional Constipation is but you will learn how to recognize the 3 signs which let you know that a guy is emotionally unavailable constipated and a guy you should avoid (or get rid of)

Watch here…

After watching today’s vblog make sure t take some Mirror Time to notice which signs you had missed, ignored or made excuses for in the past.

and then take the time to share what you have learned below with the other members of the GPS for Love community so that you can help someone else from making the same mistake


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3 Signs You’re Giving Away Your POWER To Guys

Are you frustrated in your love life because you’re finding guys who don’t follow through? Are you afraid to tell a guy how you really feel because you’re afraid he won’t like you or want to be with you?

Do you think that men have all the POWER in a relationship?

If so, this video is for you because you will learn how to recognize the 3 signs which indicate you’re giving your POWER away to guys and what you could do to get it back.

Watch here…

Make sure you watch the video til the end because there’s a Mirror Time Exercise which will help you recognize where you’re giving away your POWER.


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Is a ‘Lil Love Better Than None At All?

The need to love and be loved is so wired in ll of us that it often causes us to make choices and decisions in our love lives which often work against us.

In this video you will learn the 2 driving fears which cause you to pursue guys and relationships which will never lead to the type of relationship you really desire…and deserve.

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If You’re Frustrated, Confused and Tired of Struggling – READ THIS NOW

Today is a very special day. But before I share with you why it’s so special I want to shed a lil light on my past.

For most of my life I’ve been a seeker. I’ve been always bandicam 2014-09-10 10-46-16-553been someone who has been looking to find my truth and I’ve always been someone who has searched for answers to make sense of my world

Answers to questions such as ….

  • Why do others smoke and live to be 90 yet my dad died of cancer after he quit smoking for 10 years?
  • Why am I a good kid but the other kids ridicule and make fun of me?
  • Why am I working really hard yet I’m still struggling?
  • If God is all loving and wants the best for us, why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?
  • Why am I good guy and such a great catch (told to me by everyone who knew me), yet I struggle to find someone special to share my life with, yet some a**hole who treats women like dirt, has women throwing their self at him?

You get the point…right?

Because you probably have a lot of unanswered questions of your own.

Well, I wish I could say I have found ALL of the answers I’ve been looking for. But that would be a lie.

The truth is I’ve found A LOT of the answers, but there are still some things I can’t explain, such as why my NY METS continue to suck year after year! LOL!

So why am I sharing this?

Because if you’re like me. You’re a seeker. You’re searching for the answers and you’re looking for the knowledge, skills and tools to help you create the results you want (and know you deserve) in your life, especially your love life.

And because you’re a seeker you take action.

YOU….read blogs (like this one), read books, watch videos, go to therapy and invest in programs and products, but at the end of the day you’re frustrated because others who are doing the same things are getting the results they want, yet you continue to struggle.

And because your self esteem and self worth isn’t the greatest you beat yourself up and blame yourself.

So, why am I sharing this with you?

Because I want you to know that you are not alone on this journey. It’s a journey that we all go through, every single one of us.

And it is learning how to overcome the obstacles and challenges which life throws at us that ultimately determines whether we WIN in life or we WHINE!

Now I wish I could say that I’ve got it all figured out and I’m cruising down easy street. But you & I know that’s a bunch of BS.

Yes, there are parts of my life where I’m rockin’ it but there are also areas of my life where I suck and I still struggle (such as putting on 25 lbs over the summer!)

And that is why I keep searching. Because as long as I’m alive I’m going to look for things (and people) to help me make my life the best friggin’ life that it can be. Because when it is time for me to make my transformation in life I want to make sure that I go with a smile on my face and absolutely no regrets.

Last night Natalie & I were in NYC for the book launch of one of my mentors. His name is Mastin Kipp and he runs a site called “The Daily Love” (check it out at

I’ve known Mastin for over two years of my life and I can tell you that he has been a very instrumental part of my own personal journey.

The thing I love the most about Mastin is his willingness to bare his soul and use his journey to inspire others to achieve great things in their lives.

When I first met Mastin I had dreams, big ones. But those dreams were really wishes. And the reason they were wishes was because a part of me didn’t really think I could achieve those dreams.

And there was a big part of me that was actually afraid of trying to achieve those dreams because I knew that if I was I was going to have to get out of my comfort zone and make some some major changes in my life. Changes which scared the crap out of me (such as walking away from my chiropractic practice and baring my soul to the world over the internet to help others find love).

I owe a lot to Mastin because he helped me see that the life I’ve always dreamed of is not only possible but it’s doable. And for the first time in my life I actually believe it.
So, today I wanted to invite you to check out Mastin’s new book. It’s called Daily Love…Growing Into Grace.

Check it out==>

It’s his story about he he went from a couch surfing, drug addicted ex-record executive in Hollywood to being labeled “an up-and-coming thought leader of the next generation of spiritual thinkers” by Oprah Winfrey after she interviewed him on her Super Soul Sunday show.

Now let me tell you, I’ve read a TON of books over the last 30 plus years of my journey and this book is one of the most real, raw, genuine and inspiring books I have read.

If the book resonates with you and you decide to buy it this week Mastin is throwing in some really cool bonuses.

And because I really want to support my friend (and you) I am going to throw in a BONUS of my own.

If you purchase Mastins’ book by the end of the week (Sat 9/13 at 12PM EDT) I will send you my GPS for Love 5 week webinar series for ….FREE!!!!

The GPS for Love Webinar Series normally sells for $97.00 but it’s yours FREE when you order Mastin’s book.

All you have to do is send us an e-mail at with your confirmation/receipt and we will send you the info on how to access your bonus (to check out the GPS for Love Webinar Series click here)

One of the joys for me is being able to contribute to others by sharing the things (and people) who have helped me in my journey.

Mastin has helped me tremendously & I hope by passing along his book I am able to do the same for you.


Much Love,

P.S. If Mastin’s book resonates with you, why not get a copy for a family member or friend. I picked up a case last night to share w/my friends and loved ones

P.P.S   Don’t forget, in order to get the $97 GPS for Love Webinar series bonus you must purchase your book by midnight on Saturday. Click here to order

Here are some pics from last night..

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bandicam 2014-09-10 10-35-26-903





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First Date Tips – How To Quickly Identify a Guy isn’t Right for You

Having trouble screening the men you date?  Do you tend to jump into relationships too quickly only to discover every time that the guy you chose is a jerk?

Are you so hungry for love that you’ll take any guy who pays attention to you (or tells you what you want to hear)?

If you answered “YES” to any of these three questions I invite you to check out today’s video because you will learn how to identify three subtle clues which tell you that the first date you’re on should be the last.

Watch here…

After watching today’s vblog In invite you to post any questions you may have about dating down below in the comments section

Hope this helps!

Much Love,


When To Say “I LOVE YOU” To A Man

I recently received an e-mail from one of the members of our GPS for Love community who was dating a guy she had fallen in love with.

She wanted to say the three magic words that we all want to here…”I LOVE YOU”

But she wasn’t sure if she should wait for him to say it first.

In this video you’ll learn when the time is “right” to tell a guy that you love him. And you’ll also learn when the time isn’t right.

Watch here…

Hope this helps!

Much Love,


Is Your Past Defining You or Destroying You?

Today I’d like to talk about something that is a HUGE obstacle for you. In fact this thing is so big and so vital it might be the only thing that is standing in the way between you and the Man/Relationship/Marriage you really pastwant.

Want to know what that obstacle is? It’s your PAST!!!!

Now you may be aware that your past is hurting you. You may be aware that you have been hurt, had your heart broken or been betrayed by a man (or several) that you had given your heart to. And you may even be aware that you are having a hard time finding love because you have some unresolved issues from your childhood because you didn’t get the love and acceptance you so desperately craved from your parents. And that has caused your self esteem and self -image to take a hit which causes you to make poor choices in your love life..


You may not even be aware of how your past has been effecting you and your pursuit of love.

So, how do you fix a problem you don’[t even know exists? (HINT: see below you'll learn a Mirror Time Exercise for recognizing it)

You see when it comes to human behavior (and creating results) 96-98% of EVERYTHING you think, say or do originates from your unconscious mind. That means almost everything you do, almost every result you create (or don't create) is predicated on what you believe unconsciously.

Have you ever wondered why one person can read a book, attend a seminar or watch a video and take that information and create amazing results yet another person can take the same resources and no results?

When I first started sharing my checklist for Love program I was amazed at how half of the people I mentored went out and created GREAT results in their love life and the other half did squat.

So having the inquisitive mind that I have I started searching for answers. I waned to know why two people, both of who had access to the same information and resources got such different results.

Now, I had been around the block and studied enough personal growth and development experts and materials to know that it had to do with the person's unconscious mind and their beliefs.

But what I learned absolutely floored me.

I learned that there were specific reasons why some created great results and others continue struggle

You see, everything you do you do for very specific and predictable reasons. You're running around autopilot and you don't' even know it.

So understanding WHY you what you do is the beginning to solving your problems.

At first I started applying this to my own life. I started looking at my relationship w/my ex-fiancee. I was miserable for three years. And yet no matter how miserable I was I stayed and kept going back for more.

It made no sense "logically" and everyone who knew me was shocked. And I must admit even I was confused at my behavior. That relationship was like a crack addiction. I knew it wasn't good for me and I knew it wasn't giving me the experience I really wanted but for some reason I kept going back for more.

So, why am I sharing this with you?

Because I want you to understand that if you have been struggling and you're having a hard time finding and creating the love you really want (and deserve) it's b/c on some unconscious level you're "wired" not to have it.


-- you feel you don't deserve it or are not worthy of it

--maybe you are afraid of getting your heart ripped out and broken again

--maybe you feel you're not good enough and no one will ever love and accept you as you are (so you have to lose weight; fix your nose, boobs or ass; or do years of therapy to "fix" yourself)

--maybe you're afraid that you'll never get the love you really want and you're so afraid of being that you settle

And I can understand because there was a time I felt the same way. The reason I stayed w/my ex for three miserable years was b/c unconsciously I was afraid that I would never get what I was looking for so instead of holding out and going for the GOLD I settled and kept going back to a Toilet Bowl Relationship
[NOTE*** Toilet Bowl relationships are the kind that make you feel like crap]

After taking some serious time and dong some work on myself I recognized that I was so desperate to fill the void in my life after my dad died of cancer when I was 15 years old. I wanted a son of my own to replace the love that was missing and my ex was the “ticket” to get me there… or so I thought.

It was an expensive learning lesson, but one which ultimately led me to the truth and once I had identified the truth I was able to do the work and turn things around.

That was many years ago and the good news is I was able to overcome my past and make the changes I needed to make to have the relationship and son I was really looking for.

So why am I sharing this with you?

Because I want you to understand that if you’ve been struggling and you’ve been struggling for a long time THERE”S A REASON!!!.

And until you identify and deal with that reason you will keep running around in circles, reading books, blogs (like this) and investing in programs and products which won”t deliver the results you’re’ looking for.

I KNOW because I invested a ton of time, energy & money looking for answers in those same sources. And at the end of the day I always wound up in the same position I started from.

The good news is that it doesn’t take years or therapy and a ton of cash to get to the real cause(s) of your struggles

But it does require knowing where to look and knowing how to fix things.

Your past is only an experience in your journey and whether it defines you or destroys you is up to you. And contrary to popular belief it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

You are not broken, you don’t need years or therapy and you don’t need to be “fixed”.

You simply need to know where to look and the tools to overcome the obstacles which are keeping you from having the type of relationship you really want…AND DESERVE!
Her’s a lil clue to help you see if your past is blocking you:

Take a step out of your life as an observer and notice if there is any kid of pattern. Do you see that you are attracted the the wrong types of guys? Do you put up walls which prevent a guy form getting to know the real you? Do you try too hard to make someone love you or stay with you? (like I did)


Do blame anyone and everything (including your parents, your age, your ex, the “boys” or online dating) as to why you’re single and struggling in your love life?

And if you notice that there is a pattern recognize that that pattern is a gift from the Universe trying to show you what to do differently for you to have the LOVE you’re looking for.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback I invite yousahre em below.

Hope this helps!

Much Love,

if you know that your past is blocking you I invite you to check out the GPS for Love Mentoring Program, I’d love to show you how overcome your past and use it as fuel to create the results you really want in your love life. I’m getting ready to open up 5 more spots (check your e-mail tomorrow). Last month’s spots Sold-out so if you’re interested act fast.

The Difference Between Chemistry, Sexual Compatibility & Intimacy

The pursuit of love is confusing and frustrating as heck isn’t it?

Part of the confusion comes from not really understanding what it takes to create a relationship that will stand the test of time.

In this video you will learn the difference between Chemistry, Sexual Compatibility & Intimacy and what you must do if you are going to have the type of relationship you really want

Watch here…

Hope it helps!

Much Love,


Love Isn’t Fireworks and Butterflies

Last night I was watching a new show on Bravo called “The Singles Project.” I gotta come clean, I’m addicted to these reality shows kissing fireworksthat involve singles looking for love.

Right now I’m watching three: “The Singles Project,”  “Married at First Sight,” and ‘”Dating Naked.”

After appearing on several episodes of the Style Network’s “Jerseylicious” I learned that reality TV shows aren’t really reality.

Now I must admit that I knew going in that it wasn’t 100% reality but I was amazed to learn how much of these shows are scripted and guided by the the writers, producers and directors of the show.

You see, reality TV is a lot like professional wrestling. There are human beings and they’re doing things “live” but almost everything else is designed and made for TV.

So, why a I sharing this with you?

Because last night I saw something that made me want to jump up and throw something at the screen.

One of the “characters” on TSP looks into the camera and says’, “I believe that when you find true love you will feel butterflies and fireworks.”

And I wanted to yell thru the screen and say “NO, you dumb a**, love is not a picnic on the 4th of July”

And it’s something I hear all the time (in one of the following ways)…

I knew instantly b/c there was no chemistry”

“I wasn’t instantly attracted”

“His teeth were crooked”

“When I first met my “ex” I had this amazing chemistry/attraction, that’s what I want”

[NOTE***in every case the "EX" with the amazing chemistry/attraction turned out to be a douche bag who's no longer around]

The reason I find this so upsetting is b/c believing love is supposed to show up with fireworks, chemistry and butterflies  is one of the reasons you continue to struggle in your love life.

Now if you’re in your early to mid twenties, that’s OK, part of the journey is being able to figure out this out. To learn that real, true and everlasting love has nothing to do with butterflies and fireworks.

But if you’re single in your 30′s 40′s or 50′s (or beyond) and you’re still looking for amazing chemistry and the butterfly/fireworks thing I suggest you take some Mirror Time, some serious Mirror Time because if you keep thinking that you need love and fireworks
to find true love one of two things is going to happen…
1) you’ll wind up alone with a lot of cats

2) you’ll keep getting involved with the fireworks & butterflies guys and you’ll continue to wonder why it never turns into the love you really want..and deserve.

I believe that one of the biggest reasons you’re struggling in your pursuit of love is that you really don’t understand what true love is and as a result you’re looking for it in all the wrong places.

And I can relate, I did that for years. Until I learned the hard way.

So, if you think true love is based on an initial feeling of fireworks and butterflies I invite you to take some serious Mirror Time to get clear on what love really is.

In fact, In invite you to come up with your own definition of what love is. Because once you KNOW what love is, it’ll be much easier for you to find it and recognize it when it shows up (and to make sure you give it a chance to grow when there is no initial butterflies/fireworks.

Because butterflies, fly away and fireworks fade away but LOVE never dies, it only gets better with time!

I invite you to share your definition of love below on the comments section of this post . I won’t post mine today because I want you to come up with your own but I will post it tomorrow at 12PM EDT.

Be on the look for it

Hope this helps.

Much Love,