Do You Give Too Much?

Do you tend to give too much in your relationships? Do you do everything you can to make a guy happy and a relationship work, often at the expense of your own happiness?

If so, this video is for you because you will learn a quick rule to help you recognize you are giving too much to the wrong guy.

Do you have a history of giving too much? If so, WHY? Please share your comments, questions and feedback below on today’s blog.

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How To Express Your Feelings WIthout Making a Guy Wrong

Do you have a hard time expressing your true feelings because you think it will lead to a confrontation? Are you afraid of telling a guy he screwed up because you believe he might not like what you say and he’ll ultimately leave you?

If so this video is for you because you’ll learn how to communicate your feelings to a guy in a healthy way…a way that will make you feel good and a way which will make a MAN receptive to what you have to say.

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After watching today’s vblog I’d love for you to share your thoughts and feelings on your communication challenges in your relationships in the comments section below

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“I don’t understand why he left me…”

Have you ever been in a relationship where things were going great and then “POOF”, out of nowhere the guy pulls a Houdini and suddenly disappears?

And then instead of planning your future together you’re left scratching your head trying to figure out why the man you thought you were going to spend your life with no longer wants to spend his life with you?

In this video you’ll learn the real reason why guys like this disappear and you’ll also learn how to protect yourself in the future from giving your heart to a guy who is a flight risk.

Watch here…

Have you had your heart broken by a guy who suddenly disappeared when you thought things were great? If so, share what you learned from that experience so that the other members of our community can learn from your experience
And if you have any questions, comments or feedback, make sure to post them as well.

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Is Jealousy Ruining Your Love Life?

At first, jealousy may be cute and fun but it is one of the most dangerous and unhealthy things a person can bring to a relationship.

And in today’s video you will learn the three ways that jealousy is making it harder for you to find the love you really want.

If you have a jealous streak or tend to attract the “boys” who are jealous and controlling this video is for you

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Is jealousy negatively impacting your love life? If so, please share your comments, questions and feedback below in the comments section.

How To Know You’re Wasting Your Time on The Wrong Guy

Have you ever wished that you had a way of knowing a guy was wrong for you before you got involved with him? Do you have a habit or giving your heart to guys who ultimately let you down and break your heart?

If so , this video is for you because you will learn how to recognize a guy is wrong fro you BEFORE you give him your heart

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In the comments section below I’d love for you to share how this vblog can help you learn from your past and how you can use it going forward in creating the type of relationship you deserve…A GREAT ONE!
And if you have any other comments, questions or feedback make sure to post them as well. I love hearing from you!

Is A Relationship A Commitment or A Burden?

Have you ever stayed in a relationship because you thought that’s what you are supposed to do when you are in love?

Was there a part of you that knew you weren’t’ happy but you were afraid to leave and face the consequences of being alone and having to start over again?

If so, you MUST watch this video because you will learn that staying in a relationship that isn’t working for you isn’t a commitment but a burden that will never lead to the happy and fulfilling relationship you really want…and deserve!

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Do You Attract Guys You Need To Fix or Save?


You know one of the things that I love and admire most about women is how big your hearts are. You have an incredible ability to woman-construction-workergive and give and just when you think you’ve got nothing left to give, you find a way to give some more.

And as much as I admire this ability I must admit that I believe it is your Achilles heel.


Because too often you give at the expense of your own happiness.

You see, your big heart and desire to help and please others (especially men) is so big that it often causes you to give your heart to guys who are not able to CONSISTENTLY give you what it is you need to be happy (in and out of the bedroom)

And herein lies the problem.

Your desire to love and be loved is so strong that it often causes you to date a guy’s potential.
And that’s a HUGE mistake!

Just because a guy brings you flowers, says and does nice things in the beginning and rocks your world in the bedroom does not mean he is well suited to be a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP PARTNER..

And believe it or not this works both ways.

There was a time in my life where I felt if I could just show my “ex” the love, if I could be there for her like no one else was for her, that she would allow herself to open up and be the person I saw glimpses of.

You see my “ex” was a good person but ultimately what I learned is that she wasn’t good for me.

It was a very painful learning experience because it helped me see that no matter how much you love someone, no matter how much you support them and give to them, YOU CAN’T FIX OR SAVE THEM!


Because it’s not your job…It’s THEIRS!!!!

Can you support someone? Yes!

Can you love them like no one else ever has? Sure!
Can you be the support system they never had?  Absolutely!!

Does that mean they will turn around and be the person you want them to be? NO!!!!

Because it is not your job! It is theirs! And if they’re not doing the work to change, be better or work on themselves then I’m afraid you are wasting your time.

Now I know this may be a lil blunt but I wish I had someone give it to me striaght back when I was trying to make my relationship into something more than it was….a Toliet Bowl Relationship which made me feel like crap most of the time because I wasn’t
consistently getting what I needed to be happy.

If you want to have a GREAT relationship, one that will stand the test of time and meet all of your needs (in and out of the bedroom). I suggest you do the same thing I did.

Make a decision to only be in a relationship with a person you don’t have to “fix” or “”save”. Because with the wrong person a relationship can be a lot of work and lead to a ton of heartache. BUT …with the right person, a relationship can be surprisingly easy and  fulfilling.

In fact, that’s one of the ways you’ll recognize when the right guy comes along!
So, What’s been your experience? Have you been in relationships where you tried to fix or save a guy? Did you think that if you just loved him, cared for him and did for him he would open up and give you the love you were hoping for? If so, how did it work out? I”d love
for you to share your experience below in teh comments section  with the other members of the GPS for Love community. Because there might be one woman right now
who could benefit from your input.
Hope this helps!

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How To Know It’s OK To Be Exclusive With a Guy

Have you ever wished you had some clear, concise signs which let you know that a guy and a relationship was worth investing in?

If so, you MUST watch today’s vblog because you will learn four ways to recognize that it’s safe to be exclusive with a  guy you are dating.

The key to dating smarter is to recognize the guys who are emotionally available and relationship ready before you give your heart (and other body parts) away to a guy

Watch here…

Hope this helps!

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The 3 MAJOR Obstacles to Love

Have you ever wondered why others find love and you continue to to struggle in your love life?

IS there a part of you that knows something’s missing but you just can’t put your finger on it?

Well, in today’s video you will learn of the three MAJOR obstacles which may be blocking your path to love

If you have been single or in an unhappy relationship for awhile this video is a MUST

Watch here…

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Are You Ready To Find Love in 2015?

We’re just a few hours away from the beginning of 2015 and before we put the lid on 2014 I wanted to send you one last e-mail. new years love

If you’re like most of the members of our GPS for Love community, you’re not happy with you’re love life.

Maybe it’s because 2014 saw the end of your relationship. Maybe it’s because another year passed by and you didn’t’ find the love you were hoping for. Or maybe it’s because you’re in relationship where you’re not really happy because deep down you know you want more, you deserve more, but there’s a part of you that’s afraid to leave because you think you’ll never find the love you really want…and deserve.

And I get it. There was a New Year’s man, many years ago where I felt the same way.

But then things changed. I met “The One”. The woman who made me feel like God was shining down on me. The woman I always wanted, but was afraid I would never find.

And I’m writing to you today to let you know that no matter what your past has been like. No matter how much you’ve struggled (or are struggling) in your love life) THINGS WILL TURN AROUND!

All you need is HOPE and a willingness to keep putting yourself out there. Because when you do, things will eventually change When you have HOPE you know that it’s possible that this time next year you will be ringing in the NEW Year with the love of your life.

But in order for that, you’ve got to let go of some stuff, you’ve got to do some things differently. And most importantly you must believe and know in your heart that it can and will happen.

Because once you believe it will happen you will make healthier and smarter choices in your love life.

In 2015 my hope for you is that you know how awesome you are and you know that deserve nothing but the best. You deserve a man who loves, honors and respects you (yes, guys like that are out there). Because when you know that you deserve the best
you stop settling for less than you deserve.

So, as we bring in the New Year I invite you to bring it in with HOPE. Hope for an awesome year that ends with you arm in arm with the MAN who recognizes that you are the best thing that ever happened to him.

Because once you find that MAN the past and all of the BOYS no longer matter. The only thing that will matter is that you both continue to love, honor and respect each other (in and out of the bedroom!).

So tonight when you raise your glass to summon in 2015, do so with the intention of bringing that ONE MAN into your life and into your heart. And then leave the the details up to the BIG GUY in the sky.

Remember, you only need…ONE!

Here’s to you and a Amazing 2015 filled with love!

Happy New Year!

Much Love,