Why Most Relationshps Start Off Great and Turn To Crap

Do you have a history of getting into relationships where everything is great in the beginning, but then all of a sudden things begin to change and the relationship starts going downhill until it ultimately ends?

If so I invite you to watch this video because you will learn two things:
1) The reason why this happens
2) What you MUST do to increase your chances it never happens again.

Watch Here…

After watching today’s videoI invite to take some Mirror Time to see how it applies to your love life and what changes you can make today to make sure learn from your past instead of repeating it.
Then I invite you to share the results of your Mirror Time with us so that the other members of our community can benefit from your experience so that they can learn the SMART way instead of the hard way like you & I.
Hope this helps!
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The Quality of Your Relationship is Directly Related To This….

Are you tired of investing your time and energy on guys who only wind up leading you on, letting you down or breaking your heart?

Are you done with the Toilet Bowl relationships which cause you to feel like crap?

Would you like to learn s simple strategy that will immediately help you to increase the quality of your next relationship?

If so, watch this video…NOW!

Don’t  forget to take some Mirror Time after watching today’s video to see how utilizing this one thing will help make your future better than your past.

Then scroll down to the comments section and share how you are going to use today’s tip in your love life as you go forward.

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Looking For A Guy To Make You Happy?

One of the biggest mistakes you may be making in your love life is thinking that a man can make you happy.

Now before you start misinterpreting my words I want you to understand that what I am saying is that a man can not be the PRIMARY source of your happiness.

In this video you will learn the importance of being happy before you meet the guy you’re looking for so that when he comes along he makes you feel happier and gives you the fulfillment and happiness you’re really looking for

Watch Here…

After watching today’s video I invite you to take a good look in the mirror and to see if you are (or have been) looking for a man to make you happy.

If you have ask yourself what is one thing you can do today to make yourself happy. And then go below in the comments section and share your thoughts. And if you have any other comments or questions make sure to post them as well..

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What Guys Think About The Way Women Dress

Does the way you dress effect the types of guys you attract? Absolutely!

And in this video you will learn that it’s not so much about the clothes you are wearing but how you are wearing them and the intention you have when putting them on.

If you think you have to wear a min-skirt, low cut blouse and pumps to get a guys attention this video will surprise you.

After watching today’s video I invite you to take some Mirror Time and share any questions, comments and feedback you may have down below in the comments section of today’s vblog.

Have a great weekend!

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An Open Letter From Me To….YOU

In just a few hours Natalie, the boys and I will be on a plane back to NJ. I don’t have time to create a video today and to be honest a part of me wanted to take todayheart to heart off and send you a link from a previous blog.

But that would be taking the easy way out. And you deserve better.

You see GPS for Love is not just something I do for fun. It’s not just something I do only when I feel like it.

GPS for Love is a mission for me and that mission is very simple..to help you (and others like you) find the love you really want in your life.

I understand what it’s like to struggle. I understand what’s it like to give it your all and still wind up with the short end of the stick.

And I understand what it’s like to think you have found “The One” only to realize years later that it wasn’t the relationship you thought it was.

Finding love is often a long, painful and arduous journey and many individuals go to their deathbed never having experienced the happy and fulfilling long term relationship they really wanted.

And that SUCKS!

But it only sucks if you’re one of those individuals.

I created GPS for Love to tell you that it doesn’t have suck.

I see so many dating/relationship “experts” telling you what to do to “get a guy.” But what good is getting another guy if he’s not going to be the guy to give you the love, honor and respect you desire.

Love is not built on manipulation, games and not calling a guy back because it will make him desire you more.

Love is built on being the best you that you can be and finding the MAN who sees what an amazing woman you are and who will willingly want to spend the rest of his life with you, not because you tricked him into being with you but because he sees that letting you go would be a very stupid move on his part.

I am telling you this. When you are that woman, Mr.Right will show up in your life.

I know you’re asking, “Where will I find him?”

And I’m here to tell you that’s not your job. The Universe will take care of the details. He will show up in whatever way he is meant to show up.

Finding love is a journey and it’s often a very painful, frustrating and lonely journey. But finding love, TRUE LOVE WITH A MAN (not the Toilet Bowl Love with the Boys you’re used to) is one of the most amazing gifts you WILL get to experience in your life.

I don’t say “CAN” or “MIGHT” experience because I believe in every ounce of my being that WILL have the guy/relationship you want when you do your part.

You see there is a powerful force in the Universe which is set up to help you. And although it may not seem like it, this Universal Force has already been helping you. All of the boys, bad relationships and broken hearts you have experienced are all part of your learning curve. It’s the Universe’s way of getting your attention so that you can make the changes you MUST make to create the relationship you really want…and deserve.

The Universe will help you and you’ll amazed at how quickly things can turn around, but you must do your work first.

You see The Universe cannot do your push ups for you.

The Universe can not send you a MAN when:

  • you keep settling for the boys
  • you keep jumping into relationships before you even see if a guy is worthy of being in a relationship with you
  • you keep opening your legs for guys who aren’t interested in your heart
  • you are putting up emotional walls because of the boys who have screwed you over
  • you are so afraid of being alone (and not finding love) that you’ll take almost any guy who is good looking and pays attention to you
  • you blame everyone (including your parents) for your inability to find love

I created GPS for Love to help you see that love doesn’t magically show up for some and not for you. There are no forces working against you!

Life does not work that way. People who are successful (in any areas of life) tend to do things differently than those who struggle and fail.

And if someone else can succeed in love…SO CAN YOU!

But it all begins and ends with…YOU!

If a MAN is going to commit the rest of his life to you, if a MAN is going to only have s*x with one women the rest of his life and if he is going to pick one woman to share the rest of his life with, that MAN must know that he has found an amazing woman and he must believe that letting her go would be one of the dumbest things he could do.

The truth is there are lots of good MEN out there. It doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are or what kind of shape you are in.

The RIGHT MAN will love you for who you are. You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to do anything to make him fall in love with you…other than be the best friggin’ you that you can be.

Because when you do that, when you know how amazing you are and your choices and actions show the Universe that you are ready for that guy, that is when he will show up in your life.

The reason I commit my life (and my bed) to my wife Natalie is not because she is perfect, but because she is perfect for me. There is no other woman who gets me and who allows me to be me. There is no other woman who supports me in being the best me that I can be and that is why I continue to give her my heart and do to everything I can to make sure she knows that having her in my life makes me happier and my life better….CONSISTENTLY!

And that is my prayer for you.

I KNOW you can have a guy that feels the same way about you. if I didn’t I would have never left my career as a chiropractor to help you (and the other GPS for Love members find love too).

I hope this touches your heart and inspires you to keep going down your path to love.

I’d like to invite you to come on over to today’s blog and share your thoughts, comments and feelings on this e-mail. Did it inspire you? Did it confuse you? DO you think it’s a bunch of BS?

I want to hear from you and I want to know where you are at so I can create future content that will help you on your journey. Just scroll down to the comments section and post there.

Hope this helps!

Much Love,

The Key To Healing a Broken Heart

Are you having a hard time going forward in your love life because you’ve had your heart broken? Do you find it hard to open up to the possibility of falling in love again because you’re afraid of getting hurt again or making another mistake?

If so, watch this video now because you will learn the two key questions which will help you leave the pain of the past where it belongs…in the past!

Watch Here…

After watching today’s video I invite you to take some Mirror Time to answer these two questions and go below in the comments section and share how these questions will help you in getting over your past.
Also, if you have any other questions, comments or feedback make sure to post em as well.
Hop this helps!
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How To Let Go of The Past & Get Over Your Ex

Getting over the pain of the past is one of the most difficult things to do in life, especially when the pain is caused by giving your heart to someone and having them crush it.

In this video you will learn a simple strategy which will make it easier for you to get over heartache and leave it in the past where it belongs

Watch Here…

After watching today’s video I invite you to take some Mirror Time and apply this strategy. And after you do go below in the comments section and idea will help you let go of your past or get over your ex.And if you have any other questions comments or feedback I’d love to hear em as well.

Have a great Day!

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Do This and You’ll Chase Away a Good Man

When it comes to the way we look at dating and relationships men and women are very often on different pages. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the beginning stages of dating.

In today’s video you will learn how important it is to understand these differences and to not quickly judge or condemn a guy when he doesn’t do things exactly the way you think he should.

Watch Here…

After watching today’s video take some serious Mirror Time and ask yourself if you do this. And if you do ask yourself …”WHY?”

What you will notice is that it very often has to do with some kind of fear or insecurity on your end.

Then go below in the comments section and share your thoughts and feelings on this topic. And if you have any questions make sure to post them as well.

Hope this helps!

Much Love,



If A Guy Doesn’t Do This…RUN!!!

Getting this blog out today was tough, very tough. Last night as Natalie & I settled into bed after a wonderful Easter I suddenly noticed that she was doubled over in pain.

And when I asked her what was wrong shewoman-waiting said she thought her gallbladder was acting up.

This is not a common occurrence but it does happen from time to time for her. I could tell she was very uncomfortable but soon she went from being uncomfortable to being in agonizing pain.

So I grabbed the boys, put Natalie in the car and headed to the ER and after four and a half hours we arrived home at about 2:30 AM.

The good news is that it didn’t appear to be anything serious, just some inflammation which was probably caused by overdoing it on the Easter spread (us Italians tend t go way overboard with the food on holidays).

As I was sitting in the waiting room last night I knew I had the topic of today”s blog.

You see if I was completely honest my first reaction when Natalie said she wanted to go to the ER was “Oh SH*T, Really?”

In a brief moment I was thinking about myself and was hoping her pain would subside so I could go to bed. But as soon as I saw the pain in her eyes it was time to step up and be her husband. And that meant putting myself on the back burner to take care of my wife.

The reason I am sharing this with you is to let you know one of the biggest mistakes you may be making in your love life.

You tend to pick guys who you can’t count on. Right?

I want you to know that no matter how good looking a guy is, no matter how amazing the chemistry (and s*x) is a relationship ain’t worth crap if your man can’t be there for you… especially when you need him.

You know I constantly hear this crap about how there are no good men out there. And it’s such total bullsh*t. and it’s very offensive to us MEN.

Are there a ton of “BOYS” out there? Yes! Absolutely!

But there are also a ton of “GIRLS” out there who are attracted to the boys and who will allow themselves to be treated like crap because they are so desperate to be loved.

As I sat in the ER last night I saw a bunch of good “MEN” who were there to support their wives, girlfriends and mothers. These are the kinds of guys that you, claim aren’t out there.
NOTE*** if you ever doubt whether good men exist go hang out in the local ER :-)

These are the kinds of guys that you build long lasting, successful and fulfilling relationships with (in and out of the bedroom).

You know it breaks my heart when I see a woman like you giving yourself to guys who don’t love, honor and appreciate you for the awesome woman that you are.

I know it’s hard to find a good guy, But that doesn’t mean that they’re not out there. And if you learn to run away quickly when a guy is showing you you can’t CONSISTENTLY count on him this whole love and relationship thing becomes much easier.

You see the “BOYS” and the “MEN” are both real easy to spot. All you have to do is to sit back and keep your eyes and ears open (and initially, your legs closed) and let the guy show you if he is the MAN you are looking for or a BOY should should run from.

Because if you can’t count on a guy to be there for you in the beginning of a relationship, what makes you think he’s gonna be there for you in the middle of a marriage?

Hope this helps

Much Love,

Do you tend to pursue or stay in relationships with guys who let you down when you need them? Do you believe that if you just love and be there for a “boy” that he will into a “MAN” and be there for you? Do you have any experience with the “boys” that you can share with the members of the GPS for Love community which will help help them on the journey?

If so, I invite you to go below in the comments section and share your thoughts and experience. with us.

Do You Make a Guy Earn Your Heart Before You Give It to Him?

Do you find that you tend to give your heart to the wrong guys? Are you so blinded by chemistry and attraction and the initial excitement of being with a guy that you forget to take the time to see if a guy is worth giving your heart to?

If so, this video is a MUST because you will learn that one of the best things you can do to create an amazing relationship is to make a guy earn your heart before you give it to him.

To find out how to do that without playing games watch this video…NOW

Watch Here…

Do you have a history of giving your heart to guys before they earn it? Do you tend to jump into relationships (or bed) way too soon because you tend to get blinded by the chemistry and excitement of being with a guy you are initially attracted to?
If so, I invite you go below and share your thoughts with us. And if you have any other questions, comments or feedback on getting a guy to earn your heart make sure to post em as well.
Much Love,