3 Reasons Why Your Online Profile Isn’t Working for You


If you are using online dating as a forum to meet guys please realize that you only have 15 secs to grab a guys attention.

There are 3 critical areas of an online profile. Screw up any one of them and you greatly increase your chances that the guy reading it will go bye-bye.

The good news is that if you understand these 3 areas and learn how to make them attractive to the type of guy you are looking for you will greatly increase your chances of getting him to want to contact you.

To learn these 3 critical areas and how to maximize your results watch this:


Much Love,


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7 Responses to 3 Reasons Why Your Online Profile Isn’t Working for You

  1. Joe Amoia says:

    Alexandra,You bring up a great question in the 2nd part of your post. How much should you reveal & how quickly”.There is a fine line between being upfront and honest and revealing too much information and scaring a guy away before he even has the chance to get to know you.There are no “rules for this”. However, there are some guidelines that I recommend and as a result of your post I have decided to make this topic into next the next Smarter dating blog post.Keep your eyes out for it.Much Love,

  2. Joe Amoia says:

    ALexandra,Thanks for sharing your story. I hope some of the other members of the Smarter dating community see how taking action and doing things differently can create some cool results in u’r life.
    I believe the key to the results you have experienced lies in the following line form your post; Funny, because that is how I was feeling, and I know there are prettier than me, but I feel great and it sure showed in how the responses went!There will be thousands of women who see your post and who will duplicate your actions. They will change their headlines, put some questions in their profile and add some humor. And five minutes later they will check their e-mails and you know what they will get…..”NOTHING!” You know why? B/c the energy and attitude they put into it was negative and they simply got back what they put out.When you combine your energy/attitude w/the right actions…that is when the magic happens. So ladies before you make the changes to your profile, it is time for an attitude assessment. If you are going in with the attitude that “this isn’t going to work”, “It’s a waste of time,” “all Guys are A**holes anyway, I don’t know why I’m even bothering,” “I”m not…” (pretty enough, smart enough, good enough, etc) than you are defeated before you have even started.If however, you can go in with the attitude similar to Alexandra and THEN you make the changes that is when you are going to see magic happen.If it happened for her…why can’t it happen for you? It can but it is up to you to make it happen!That’s why Smarter dating was created! Life is about doing things smarter, not harder!You Guys (or shall I say Gals)…ROCK!Much Love,

  3. Alexandra says:

    Well, I’m going to confess that I was a bit skeptical about this advice. I was one of those women with a “straight-forward this is who I am” type profile. Sadly, I’ve attrached pretty much the same two types of men…either too buttoned up and Type A workaholics or laid back blue collar with no ambition and who ultimately would gripe that I work too much or I earn more than they do.
    So, figured what have I got to lose, I’ll give the re-vamp a try. Had a catchy headline (I went a little risque since I’m a bit of a feisty personality and my headline was “what are you looking for? Me?”). One paragraph phrased as questions “do you like classic rock? Do you work as hard as you play?” I threw in a little bit of humor and ended it with “if you answered yes, then I just might be looking for you.” I hit “post” and waited.
    I kid you not, within FIVE minutes I had FIFTEEN replies. Every email was more amazing than the first. A smorgasborg of who’s who in professions (doctor, lawyer, finance) nice guys (polite and well-written emails), and looks, well, let’s just say I was blown away (last blind date I had, for reference here, the guy wore sweats and hadn’t shaved!!) More amazing, is that every one of them was tripping over themselves in excitement to show me how great THEY were.
    Step 2 of the expirement went even better. I sent my photo (I don’t post it because of my job, don’t want co-workers seeing it). I didn’t do the usual “well, I could lose a few pounds” or anything negative. A thank you for writing, a little more about me, here’s my photo. Again, every one of them replied breathless..OMG you are gorgeous!! Funny, because that is how I was feeling, and I know there are prettier than me, but I feel great and it sure showed in how the responses went!
    So, now I am no longer a skeptic. I am actually excited at the prospect of dating, not forlorn at one endless bad date after another!
    Now, the only question I have..is on next steps that I am hoping someone can give a little advice on. I have epilepsy. It is medication controlled, I’ve had no seizures in two years, and to see me, you’d never know it. Granted, there is a stigma attached to seizures and I do have to take medication the rest of my life. up to now, I divulge this in email beforehand, thinking it is the honest thing to do. I’m thinking with this fresh round, of not saying anything, and letting it come up naturally somehow. Like, I wear a Medic bracelet and if he sees it, say “oh, I have epilepsy…wouldn’t know it, would you?” or play it off to show how it isn’t a factor in my life to a huge degree? I get conflicting advice that not telling is dishonest, so am curious to hear other’s opinions?

  4. Joe Amoia says:

    You’re close. When a woman tries to sell herself in her profile she tends to talk mostly about herself and how she thinks she’s unique/special. Unfortunately when a guy reads this types of profile it sounds like almost all of the other profiles and thus does not stand out.
    However, when she writes a profile that makes him want to “buy” she does so in a way that makes it seem she is writing directly to him. To see an example of this look at my response to Cristina below.Let me know if u have any other questions.Much Love,
    JoeMuch Love,

  5. Joe Amoia says:

    Cristina,first start off by putting yourself in the shoes of the guy who you are trying to attract. What is it that he wants? What is it that he is really looking for? Do not tell him about you and how wonderful you are. He doesn’t’ care about YOU! But he does care about how you are going to make him happy and his life better. Make sense?Here is an example:
    YOU SELL= I’m a smart, educated and down to earth woman who likes to go to the beach and enjoy life to the fullest.HE’ll BUY: Are you looking for a woman who is well rounded, who isn’t jealous and who isn’t going to question your every move?See the difference? In the first example it’s all about…YOU! In the second it’s all about…HIM!if you were the guy which one would grab your attention and make you want to know more?Hope this helps!Much Love,

  6. Mary says:

    I have the same question as Christina. What’s the difference between selling yourself and making him want to buy? Is it like, “If you’re exhausted trying to fill up a black hole of insecurity in a woman, if you’ve had it with tears and drama and feeling like you’re always paying for the sins of the previous man, then we should talk.” As opposed to, “I’m confident, don’t do drama, and appreciate a good man. My baggage is down to a small carry-on.”
    I think I understand, but I’m not sure.

  7. Cristina says:

    Could you give us an example about the third part of the profile? The way we can get his attention ?
    This is a very interesting topic.
    Thank you.

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