Why Moving Too Fast is a Red Flag

If you have a habit of jumping into relationships before you really get to know a guy or if you find you’re attracting guys who fall head over heals with you right away you MUST watch today’s video.

In it you will learn how moving too fast is a sign that you’re headed for problems in the future

watch here…


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8 thoughts on “Why Moving Too Fast is a Red Flag

  1. Finally!! Someone who understands my dilemmas! I look forward to more insight on dating after many years to one partner who is passed. Thank you…

  2. I’m in this situation right now and have to admit, albeit reluctantly, that my gut is sending me messages that I probably shouldn’t ignore. I’m no ‘spring chicken’ and have to keep reminding myself that even if “Mr. Right” should never come along, I’m still better off than with a string of “Mr. Wrongs”. Thanks so much for your level-headed advice.

  3. Laurie,Love your story! I wish you and your new “MAN” a future filled with all of the love and happiness you desire..and deserve!Much Love,

  4. Hey Joe,
    I LOVE your videos! I have been watching them for several months, since my divorce and even though I’m in an exclusive, loving relationship (thanks to your advice and some helpful male friends), I still watch your videos from time to time.

    Today I felt like reinforcing your advice by telling my own story. I met my Love on a dating site and when we started dating we didn’t kiss or even hold hands until we knew it was right. He was just as cautious as I was, and took the time to make sure that we were compatible before it got physical, and it was so worth it!

    At first, we only saw each other about once or twice a week. But when we did get together, we took the time to get to know each other intellectually by spending many hours talking and most of our first dates were spent in a social setting, while interacting with other people. We have many common interests so we went to meet-up groups that focused and discussed those interests. We also went to museums, art festivals, and spent a lot of time together walking and hiking – all before we even held hands. So, when the first hand-holding and kiss did finally happen, it was magical.

    Now it’s been months and we still have that magical connection. We are comfortable with each other and have developed a strong connection built on open communication and trust. And even though we feel like it couldn’t possibly get any better, we have no intention on rushing into marriage or cohabitation. Although we are confident that we will be able to handle life’s stressful moments together survive the storms, we need to actually experience some of those storms together before we make that final commitment.

    The very first moment we laid eyes on each other, I the sparks flew. We talked for 4 hours on our first date and the connection was phenomenal. I was surprised to find myself wanting to push forward too quickly. Fortunately, I refused to allow myself to get caught up in my emotions because I knew it would hurt the relationship. It took a lot of self control, but I saw him as worthy enough to back off and let him pursue me. I made it a point not to call, email, or text him unless he called, emailed or texted me first. Also, in the beginning, I purposely saw him only once or twice a week at the most to give us both time. It may sound calculating but I know that men like the pursuit, so my gift to him to assume the feminine, passive role and give him the time and space to decide whether or not to pursue me. In return, he respected me enough not to pressure me into a physical or committed relationship too soon. He gave me time to evaluate him and decide whether or not he was worthy of my love. I’m convinced that is why we have such a strong connection now.

  5. Concerning the email from Jessica. I to used to have a tendancy to move too fast in relationships. That was a issue I learned when I looked back on my relationships with men. I however don’t do that anymore. I totally agree that we should date more than one person at a time. I date at least two to three men at a time. When they aren’t meeting my needs it is goodbye. I move on. One thing that Jessica may want to think about is what I always remember. You once said you are only one away from the right one. How so true. I date different men and in the back of my mind, I have my list of Mr. Right and I always remember, I am only one away from the right one. If Jessica is having trouble dating more than one at a time, maybe she should remember that line and keep it with her on her dates. Good luck to her.

  6. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the video, it help me learn a lesson. Met someone on match and he keeping rushing things. He was also talking when we would have sex and I keep talking about knowing him better and did tell him 90 days when that will happen. Long story short he keep pushing the issue and I finally had to end it. It open my eyes that if things get rushed, it would end up badly and you just confirmed I made the right choice. Thank you.

  7. Wow Joe,
    I was going to call you today about this very topic!
    What Divine Intervention! Thank you!

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