Do You Forget To Give To Yourself When You’re In a Relationship?

The holiday weekend is over and it’s time to kick things back in gear.

After the last six weeks of taking some of the pressure off of Natalie so she could heal from the surgery and playing Mr. Mom it was great to dial it down for a few days.

What was really cool about slowing things down was it allowed me to recharge my battery.

If you’re like most of the other members of our GPS for Love community you have a HUGE heart.

When you’re in a relationship you give and give and even if you feel you don’t have anything left to give you somehow come up with a way to give some more.

But sometimes you forget to give to yourself, right?

Well, when you give and give and give and you you don’t take the time to give to yourself your happiness becomes dependent on your partner.

And that’s a very dangerous relationship to be in.


Because when your partner is able to give to you you’re happy and when he doesn’t give to you you’re __________(Pick one: frustrated, sad, angry, depressed or resentful)

It is not healthy to make a relationship partner the source of your happiness.

This is a lesson I learned the hard way!

That is why I no longer depend on Natalie (or anyone else) to make me happy.

You see, my happiness is my responsibility, not anyone else’s.

That doesn’t mean that my wife can’t make me happier.

She does.That’s why I’m married to her.

I just don’t make my happiness her job!

Today I invite you to take some Mirror Time to look at your last two or three relationships.

Did you make your partner the source of your happiness?

If so, why?

In what way(s) did you put the responsibility for your happiness on their shoulders.

I’d love it if you would scroll down to the comments section and share your experience to help the other members of our GPS for Love community!

Have a Blessed day!

Much Love,
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