It’s Not a Guy’s Responsibility To Make You Happy!

One of the biggest mistakes I see single women make is believing that having the presence of a man in their life will make them happy.

You see, it’s not a man’s job to make you happy. It’s to love you and if you pick the right guy (for the right reasons) that guy will make you happier…not happy!


That’s ok. In this video you will learn why depending on a man to make you happy will very rarely lead to the happiness you are looking for.

Watch Here…

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One thought on “It’s Not a Guy’s Responsibility To Make You Happy!

  1. laurie says:

    I would appreciate it if a guy would help me to be safe, protected, and comfortable. I do not expect him to make me happy. Is it wrong to expect/desire a man to make me feel safe, comfortable, and protected?
    I give the same to a man, as well as reassurance, trust, and inspiration..
    Example: My former bf had a large dog and two cats–indoor animals. they had free run of the home, the bed, kitchen counter, couches, everywhere.
    I was uncomfortable with that, and felt it was unhygienic. I also wanted a space for me without it being compromised with animal dander and fur.
    I gently informed my bf and his response was to have more get-togethers at my place instead of his. In the end, I felt that this was a lifestyle difference and a dealbreaker. I love animals, just not everywhere, and I took care of his animals when he traveled out of town (about 1 week every month) In the end we parted amicably, but I can’t help but feel that lifestyle choice differences are overlooked in your programs. (having indoor animals, being full time caregivers of a relative, etc) Great people, different lives–often deal-breakers.

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