The Difference Between Being Demanding and Being Unsatisfied

There’s this interesting pattern that I’ve noticed lately. In fact, I’ve had more than a few members of the GPS for  Love community tell me about this pattern and how it was effecting their love life?

What is this pattern? 

Well, it’s women who give their hearts to selfish men! It’s women who think that they have to sacrifice and put their own needs on the back burner in order to make their men happy and their relationships work.

It’s such a bunch of bullsh*t and it’s something that breaks my heart. Because in a lot of these relationships, the selfish guys twist things around to criticize the women and make them wrong when the women express how unhappy they are.

Now granted, the way some women express that their needs aren’t being met may come across as demanding or needy ,but in almost every one of these cases, the woman wouldn’t be upset if the man was giving her what she needed in the relationship.

You see, there is a difference between being needy and being unsatisfied.

You’re needy when a guy is giving you his very best and showing you (by his actions) that being with you is a priority in his life and you’re still not happy. It’s when no matter what he says or does, you still find something to complain about or criticize him over.

However, if a guy isn’t making you a priority and showing you (by his actions) that you and your needs are important to him and you call him on it, you’re not being needy or demanding, you’re being unsatisfied!

I wanted to share this with you today because I see so many members of the GPS for Love community questioning and doubting themselves because they have some selfish butt-hole who is unwilling to own the fact that he is the cause of his women’s unhappiness!

We live in a culture that is quick to point the finger and blame others more quickly than it is willing to look in the mirror and take responsibility for ones own actions.

It’s so much easier for a guy to say, “You’re nagging me, nothing I do is ever good enough” than it is for that guy to say, “Maybe the reasons you’re unhappy and criticizing me is because I’m not giving you what you need!”

You see “BOYS” blame women and “MEN” take responsibility when they are not making their women happy!

Just another reason why I recommend you only pursue MEN!

Have you ever been with a guy who broke up with you or who told you he couldn’t make you happy, even though it was him who wasn’t carrying his weight in the relationship?

If so, I’d appreciate it if you would share your experience in the comments, so that the other members of our GPS for Love community can benefit from it.

Have a Blessed Day!

Much Love,
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