How To Screen Men & Recognize The Guys Who Are Emotionally Unavailable


One of the best things you can do to avoid getting hurt and having your heart broken is being able to screen men and recognize when a guy is emotionally available.

Not being able to identify the red flags which indicate that a guy isn’t a good relationship partner, especially when there is a high level of attraction and chemistry in the beginning is one of the biggest reasons why women wind up investing in guys who wind up letting them down or breaking their heart.

If you want to create a relationship that will last it is imperative that you learn to avoid the guys who are bad relationship partners.

This video will help you learn how to do that!

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7 thoughts on “How To Screen Men & Recognize The Guys Who Are Emotionally Unavailable

  1. Neva Self says:

    I could have helped write this report!
    I have a life long history of falling for unemotionally available men! I’m having a difficult time getting over my latest relationship because we were actually “friends” for years before coming romantically involved. After dating off and on for 2 years, I called it off because A) We didn’t live in the same city B) I grew weary of his introverted ways, very non confrontational, terrible at communicating. It’s no wonder his marriage or other relationships didn’t work out. I know, red flag!
    But now I find through mutual friends he’s moving in with a woman who not only chased him for 3 years, went as far as friending his family and getting a job where he works! She has worked hard to snag him and I guarantee he’s not putting anything into this relationship! He’s selfish and lazy and only wants what he wants. I wish she could see your videos! lol. I guess only time will tell but I’m glad I got out when I did and didn’t move to be with him. I am sad that we lost a friendship. But then a true friend wouldn’t have treated me like he did.
    I hope my post helps others.
    Thank you Joe and God Bless.

    • Thanks for sharing Neva.

      I am glad you had the foresight and strength to walk away when you did.

      I’d love to talk to this other woman sometimes in the near future once she realizes she’s not getting back what she’s putting in

      I am sure this post will help a lot of the members of our GOS FOR LOVE community

  2. BEE says:

    My guy changed – but only after we had a date for marriage. And it was very small, I did not undestand the change then, and the major change occurred only AFTER our marriage.
    When I was “in his pocket”, so to speak.
    So Joe, note this: he wanted commitment, he wanted to get married, he wanted to STAY married, he never wanted to leave me, he thinks I’m beautiful, hot and sexy until today (we were married for 18 years before I left him, 5 years ago, we have kids 20+15, and he still prefers me to every other woman).
    A man can be an abusive “boy” but at the same time – really WANT you, want to marry you, never disappear, never make you wait by the phone, SAY HE LOVES YOU (he truly believes that), physically crazy about you…
    It could be very confusing. It’s not always black&white.

    • Yes, but I bet if you and I were to go back in a time capsule we would find “clues” that this guy was not the MAN you really wanted.

      I bet he was giving you enough of what you wanted to see, feel and experience so that you either were missing the “red flags” or ignoring them

  3. Kristina says:

    Nice report. Very helpful, as always. Thank you, Joe.
    I was thinking about the last guy who hurt me and about the red flags I saw in the beginning. It was unfortunately a therapist where I came to get help. The red flags I saw were mainly my intuition, the odd feeling. It was there the first time I saw him, the second, third time. Then, it stopped.
    The therapist “loved bombed me”, he wanted to get me attached, he told me all the reasons why he can help me and he is the good therapist for me and I wanted so badly some help, deep healing, I was hooked on that. No way did I thought that it would be again a hurtful experience (after, it was therapy, I am on a dating date). I came up with lots of excuses why these red flags were not that bad (like “this is how therapy supposes to be”, the therapist will change his approach, he will be listening more to me and get me when he gets to know me better, he will stop judging me….he will have an epiphany about the methodology he is using that is not helping me (that cannot give me the healing relationship I want and deserve) etc.
    The red flags in my intuition were that “he is a split -guy” (abandoned, he does not like women), he wants somebody to practice on (while he did not tell me the truth about his true situation of having no psychotherapy license). At the same time, the intuition told me: it will not last much, max. couple of months and you´ll get out. Luckily, I did.
    The initial phase of the therapeutic relationship was
    1) love bombing, putting his great face on
    then it followed with 2) hot and cold treatment, some kind of gaslighting me, blaming me, creating mind confusion (I made a research on the men they play games on women, they truly call it “mind games”).
    3)inflicting the pain (in order to make me suffer and “recover” through a next suffering. This is when I got it and run.
    There were many many little signs, and I ignored them…as it was a therapeutic relationship and I did not experienced this type of gaming with me before.
    I cannot still believe that it happened, but I had suffered all the sings (frustration, depression…) and it all stopped to a great deal when I left.
    One pattern was particular: emotional unavailability.
    I was not allowed to go much into my emotions. I noticed the therapist had run away from my emotions -as he wanted to say ” I don´t want to go there, let me in peace”. It was all so subtle. He also said that he took holiday to be away from his family. I felt the same “red flag” -he is not an emotionally healthy guy. Some other time he had to call to cancel the appointment and he did not even told his name on the phone, being somehow harsh (and the call was fast, I was the doormat girl that is so happy to have somebody to help and that he is a great person and tells me in ahead, I did the job for him on the phone). Later I started to feel this uncomfortable feeling of being mistreated, even if that was just a phone call. The feeling was more about ” he does not care about you truly”. This can never work as a therapy. He just does his duty, in order to let it look good on the surface. Nevertheless all these red flags were so subtle, I came up with all the reasons and excuses for him and me why the red flags were not so bad.
    Following the report on the unavailable guys and being honest to myself: my own healing was more prior to me (I wanted that so badly, as I wanted the love, the relationships, the kids years ago) that I was indulgent to some bad feelings and red flags I experienced (I was ready to suffer). The therapist would talk me into that “it is my fault, it is a calculation, a trade. I do not think so. I think that wanting to be loved, cherished, helped, healed is beautiful desire. It is no calculation to want to experience love or help. The mind games guy play seem to be like a fraud on purpose, conscious approach. It truly was like going into a therapy to receive help with my healing (hurt feelings and experience) with somebody who does not know how to feel, how to experience.
    It seems like it was an avoider: only it showed up the way that I was not allowed to open up for my feelings, I was distracted from my topics, feelings, the subject was changed
    All these great post and what I learned in the GPS love love community had helped me get out of there much faster.

    • THanks for sharing Kristina,

      Your willingness to look at your life with honesty and transparency will serve you well in life (especially your love life).

      Those who find the love they are looking for have the ability to learn from their past and use what they have learned to help them find the love they are looking for!

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