Why Men Have A Hard Time Expressing Their Feelings


I’ve been a member of the male species for a few decades now & even I must admit that some of the sh*t us guys do is mind blowing!

I know how difficult it is for you to understand us men and our behavior.

So today I waned to create a special video to help shine some light on the members of the male species and our behavior, especially when it comes to our difficulty in expressing our feelings and emotions.

The purpose of this video is not to make excuses for us men but to simply help you understand why we do things which confuse and frustrate you.

You see, the problem isn’t really what we do (most guys are predictable and easy to read), it’s that you’re a woman and the behavior of men makes no sense to you.

Hopefully after watching this video you”l have a better understanding of men and their behavior.

Watch Here…

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Hope This Helps!

Much Love,


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5 thoughts on “Why Men Have A Hard Time Expressing Their Feelings

  1. Jade says:

    Joe, please answer this question for me. I met this guy online and we had a great date. I send him a text thanking him for a lovely time. The next day he text me back and say he had a great time with me and enjoyed my company. Then he says, have a great weekend. Has he moved on or put me on the shelf while he sees what his other options are out there?

    • when a guy is interested in getting to know you and having a relationship with you he will consistently show you that. Just sit back and allow him to show you his true colors

  2. MaryLou says:

    I am in a relationship with an emotionally available man Glen. He lost his brother to cancer 10 years ago when he was telling me that story you started to cry and showed how upset he was about the circumstances of his brother’s death I told him that I was impressed by his ability to express his feelings and to open up to me. I appreciate sensitive men who are open and honest.

  3. Kristina says:

    “Your thoughts and feelings matter.”
    Beautiful message. Thank you, Joe !

    I have been the nice girl, the care-taker for men. I guess with creating the space of safety and comfort for the vulnerability in men (just with this one phrase), I can be fine with me who I am…and as bonus I can learn much faster whether the man is able to be opened with me (and being hurt myself).

    • Kristina says:

      I am sorry I wanted to write…”not being hurt myself ” .
      I have known a male friend who is helping me in a difficult life experience. He is emotionally caring for me. He never did before, for the past 10 years I had known him. There is not attraction, nor a common life interest, but he started to open up…and the way he also shows his vulnerability is to take care for me (even there are little words in e-mails, it is actually pretty a lot for me).
      Maybe I had helped him when I directly spoke about some of my bad experience in a area that is common for both of us and made effort to express more my feelings. He spoke about his story. He might have been silent about it. I told him to be sorry for what happened to him….it also happened to me, it is a shared experience . Maybe he felt being judged or he might felt that people (or me) will think or think less of him. I´d certainly think less of me.
      He started to be more communicative -which I did not expected it, I do not not why he is doing it, but it is not uncomfortable ( I feel no attraction for this guy, we have different life goals). In fact he is in a certain way telling me that my thoughts and feelings matter. He is giving me the care back. I had not have much people (if any, even the psychotherapist I met not) who told me ” your feelings and thoughts matter” (I had the opposite). Maybe just the way that I was in the right time, with the right language here for this guy, he doing the same for me. He is doing it pretty well. Far much better than I do. I feel like a child that is suffering and finally somebody sees him. At least a little. It helps a lot.
      I do not think that I changed anything in me I had known him, I just use different language and I was in the right time with the right language at the right place. I thought about this guy being too closed, too silent, too “stupid” even. I had been talking with him for my past 10 years and it was all the same.
      This is a good experience to risk any possible emotional hurt, and be safe and comfortable and stay true to myself. It seems that guys want to emotionally available. Emotionally available might also mean mutual care.
      It is truly beautiful (but also scary, shocking when it is a new experience).

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