The Importance of Setting Boundaries in Your Relationship


One of the best things you can to to ensure you don’t waste your precious time in the wrong relationship with the wrong guy is to create clear boundaries.

In this video you’ll not only learn about the importance of having boundaries you’ll also learn three steps which will make it easier for you to create those boundaries and stick to them!

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5 thoughts on “The Importance of Setting Boundaries in Your Relationship

  1. Anna says:

    Wonderful video. I’ve lived almost all my live an abusive relationship with my mother, because I didn’t know how to set boundaries. All my life I’ve been very sick, had depression because of that but I didn’t know how to stop this abuse. This year I’ve got sick many times and after studying a lot I realized that relationship was destroying my health. But I needed an episode when I was sick and she didn’t care and forced me to go to a meeting SHE wanted me to go but I didn’t want to. So, it has been 3 months that I’ve set boundaries and she doesn’t force me to do anything anymore. I’m feeling much better emotionally and healthy. Hope this can help other people have the courage I did to change their lives.

    • Why do you have to talk to a man about your dealbreakers?

      I never talked to Natalie about mine. I just got know her and let her show me whether or not she had any of my deal breakers

  2. Crystal says:

    Hey Joe, I met a man that is a retired ER Dr but is now writing poetry. I met him on but knew him so quickly because he writes from his mind, heart, and soul. I want to go all the way with him with him but don’t want him to see me as easy.

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