How To Know it’s The Right Time To Walk Away

One of the biggest mistakes I made in my love life was investing years of my life in a relationship which wasn’t the relationship I really wanted.

There were many reasons why I stayed in that unhappy and unfulfilling relationship but underneath all of the reasons and excuses I used to stay was believing that things would get better.

I continued to invest my precious time hoping that things would be like they were in the beginning..the very beginning

It was one of the most painful learning lessons I have experienced in my life and my decision to stay cost me in every way possible, physically, emotionally, spiritually AND financially.

My biggest takeaway from that experience is that there is a time to walk away and there is a time to stay and invest in a relationship.

If you don’t know when that time is, it’ll cause you to invest your time in a relationship that will never lead to the relationship you really want, even if that relationship started out great “in the beginning”

To find out when it’s the right time to walk away WATCH THIS…

Hope this helps!

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10 thoughts on “How To Know it’s The Right Time To Walk Away

  1. Janise says:

    Thank you, Joe, this is fabulous advice. Yes, the only boyfriend I’ve had since my divorce 3.5 years ago showed his true colors after about 5 months. He was not over his ex and put her first, and he was in debt, and he told me that he expected me to support him when he couldn’t work anymore!

  2. MaryLou says:

    Wonderful advice Joe.
    I started dating a man in April. At the beginning he would ask me out again before our date was over. He had most of the qualities I wanted in a man. My feelings were growing for him over the next couple of months. As soon as we agreed not to date other people and we became physically intimate, he stopped persuing me and stopped treating me the way I wanted to be treated. A week would go by and I didn’t know when he would make time to see me. I started putting in more of an effort to prove to him I was the right person for him. He complimented me, but his actions showed me his lack of interest.

    I never knew where I stood with him and didn’t feel like a priority in his busy life. When I started asking him to do things differently, texting me more often or buying me flowers he was offended. He was basically telling me, ” take me the way I am, I’m not going to change for you”.

    Instead of ending the relationship, I waited to see if he would value me in his life and make more time for me. He even told me, don’t expect me to make up for all the bad relationships you were in. I know how I want to be treated by a man and he wasn’t even meeting me half way.

    If a man is really interested in me, he will make me a priority and include me more in his life. Like Joe said, I shouldn’t have to tell him how to treat me. I should have walked away sooner.
    Lesson learned , sit back and observe how they treat you without criticizing them . Don’t have sex and become exclusive too soon. Know your worth and don’t settle for less.

    • Kristina says:

      Hi MaryLou. Me, too I have heard this phrase”take me the way I am, I’m not going to change for you”. He used “psychic mind tricks” to persuade me that I was the problem, my emotions not telling me the truth. It sounded so well-grounded and true. I felt ashamed for wanting more, for my unhappy emotions.
      I believed him, I believed that I was asking for too much from him…ultimately, his true colors showed: he was abusing me, secretly (red flags from the beginning).

  3. Shelley says:

    My ex fiance showed his true self after 2 years into our relationship. The abuse from not only him but also his mother and 2 sons, towards me, were to much to take. An unfortunate accident happened and that gave me the perfect opportunity to grab as much of the things as I could and got the hell away from them.

      • Shelley says:

        The only red flag I saw was my ex fiance had an extremely close relationship with his mother. At first I thought that’s sweet that he has a good relationship with his mother. Throughout time I began to find out it is a “Sherry Lewis and Lamb Chop from H–L” mother-son relationship. My ex fiance never had an independent thought from his mother. Then after her explosion from the announcement of our engagement, he showed me a long letter from his mother on how he was discussing issues with her about our relationship instead of talk things over with me and how she kept expressing to him that I am his ex wife and I am only going to destroy him. He kept telling me he wanted me to get into altercations with his mother like his ex wife used to ( I never would, I would always state that I am a high value woman). That’s when the abuse began and I had no place to go. When the abuse accelerated, I believe it was divine intervention that told me this was my moment to leave when he had his accident. Before the accident he began acting “overly” loving and telling me he was going to fight for us and fight for our relationship. I never had a chance to ask him who he was fighting. His two sons, 10 and 14, are being trained by my ex fiance and his mother in the art of this behavior. Setting fires, tantrums and punching walls beside my head are just naming a few incidents that happened with his sons. I thank God everyday I was able to leave but its been a super hard road to get through the depression and PTSD I am being treated for.

        • Kristina says:

          Hi Shelley. The close relationship with mother is tough.
          I had observed it in some of the men they did not treat me well: some might have talked closely to mother (which I never figured out), but I had evidence that they talked to ex-gfs or other “women in waiting” about my relationship and him. Not healthy.

  4. Julie says:

    Thank you Joe. My 1st husband changed the day we moved in together…..back in ’79 (seems such a long time ago) that day was a Friday & since we had met we went to the Friday night disco, we lived in a small town!! Anyway, that afternoon while we were cutting a piece of carpet to put in the lounge room I asked if we would still go to the disco that night, he replied no, he was only doing that for me. We never went again. Had I had access to this kind of information back then, I would have seen it as a red flag. But I was 18 & needing someone to love me, so I accepted & went on. We were married for 20 years, he was a truck driver so away a lot, but in the last year my mantra was ‘this is my life, this where I belong’. I said that over & over everyday. My eternal question was ‘when was my marriage going to start, how many more decades do I have to wait’. i can’t say I did good after I left, I’d have to say too much about my emotional self & I don’t think this is that forum. But had I not been so needy to be loved I may have stopped & thought about it rather than just accepting. He became quite an ogre & I someone constantly trying to please. It was not a good relationship for me.

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