The Two Types of Love

Are you having a hard time finding the love you’re looking for?

Is it possible that you’re looking for the wrong type of love?

Most people aren’t aware of it but there are two types of love, Superficial Love and Deep Love and not understanding the difference between the two will often cause you to invest your time on a relationship that will never lead to the love you really want…the love that will last.

In this video you’ll learn about the two types of love and how to determine if you’re investing in a superficial relationship or a deep one.

Watch Here…

After watching today’s vblog I invite you to take some Mirror Time and explore which type of love you’ve been focusing on and how that has played out in your love life.

Hope this helps!

Much Love,



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One thought on “The Two Types of Love

  1. gail says:

    everything you say makes perfect sense Joe. Especially the article about ‘The 5 types of emotionally unavailable guys.” I had the misfortune of not listening to my inner warning bells re the ‘victim’ type and learnt a harsh lesson from that. There are guys with underlying mental health issues that can be hard to spot also….you get a ‘sense’ that all is not well, but write it off – until it smacks you in the face! Doubly wary now and know to ‘listen carefully’ to my intuition rather than ignoring it.
    Thanks so much for your valuable input.

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