3 Reasons Why Dating is Difficult For Most People


If you’re like most single people the thought of dating and putting yourself out there is about as appealing as jumping off the Empire State Building with a parachute!

I get it. But what if dating didn’t have to be that difficult? What if you understood the reasons why most singles struggled with dating and you were able to use this information to make dating easier and more enjoyable?

If that interests you I highly encourage you to watch this video…


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5 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Dating is Difficult For Most People

  1. Bridget says:

    Thank you Joe. You are like the older brother that I wished I always had. FYI – My older brother is nothing like you and I have always wished that he was because it would have helped me before I got married and after I was widowed.

  2. Shahina says:

    Hi Joe I got a question for you, I been on couple of dates, met really nice guys out there but it did not worked out really well. Especially the recent one I had where I met this gentle man who was an open book, who did not had problem sharing everything about himself. He told me that I’m really attractive and followed up with text after I left the date telling me that he was really glad to meet me tonight and went on texting for couple of days and then all of a sudden he stopped texting. It has been 2 weeks haven’t heard anything from him, I felt like I did something wrong. Please help me Joe I really need to figure this out. I never really had that many second dates, I want to get better at dating, I don’t really know what type of questions should I ask the guy on a first date and how to make them feel that I’m the woman of worth investing time.

    • Shahina,

      He stopped texting because he simply did to want to text you anymore (for whatever his reasons were). I know it may be a simplistic answer but it’s the truth. When a guy is interested in getting to know you he will consistently show you not only by his words, but by his actions!

      Just curious as to why you feel you did something wrong?

  3. Shahina says:

    I was really confused on the date as to what kind of question should I ask him to find out if he is interested in having a relationship, he seemed really interested in me, we talked a lot about our work and passions, we texted for two weeks prior dating and he said he is looking for a relationship. He told me about his past relationship which lasted for 5 and half years where his Ex wasn’t a good teammate to him and it wasn’t going anywhere so he had to end it for his wellbeing.

    • Shahina says:

      I felt like I haven’t thoroughly communicated with him. I don’t worry about him being disappeared but I don’t want this to happen again when I meet someone new.

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