The Difference Between Finding and Attracting a Man

One of the biggest mistakes you may be making in your love life is trying to find a man instead of attracting one.


That’s ok!

In this video you’ll learn the difference and you’ll learn how not knowing this difference is making your love life more difficult than it needs to be!

Watch Here…

Have you been trying to “find” a guy? If so, how will today’s vblog help you on your journey to attracting the love you desire…and deserve!

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6 thoughts on “The Difference Between Finding and Attracting a Man

  1. Julie says:

    Very good Joe.
    As I read it, if I am confident and just be myself, the right men will be attracted to me. Is that what you are saying?

  2. Finally, I am attracting quality men. What you just described is exactly what I needed to give me that edge. I feel so much more confident. Not like I used to think I was ‘confident’. It’s more like a knowing that this is going to work. I did the muscle test on myself and the results were awesome. The subconscious always tells the truth. I believe the same way you do, Joe. Nothing is random. It’s all happening because of what and how I am thinking and believing. Love to you and your family. GiGi formally known as Galexy (hahaha)


      There is a difference in “knowing” something in your mind and “feeling” it in your your heart/spirit!

      Knowing something is “knowledge”, being able to live it is “wisdom!”

      You are a wise woman!

      Much Love,

  3. Tara says:

    Makes perfect sense Joe. I see exactly what you are saying and how changing that one word changes everything! Brilliant.

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