Is It OK For a Woman To Pursue A Man?

I see so much confusion among the members of the GPS for Love community.

There are those women who have traditional values and who believe that it’s a man’s role to step up and pursue a woman, and then there are other women who have no problem taking the reigns and pursuing a man.

So who’s right?


You see, your values don’t really play a role in the success of a relationship as much as you think they do! What matters most is the way you go about showing interest in a man.

There is a way that will make it easier for you to find the love you’re looking for and there’s a way that will make it more difficult!

Would you like to know what those ways are and how you can let a guy know you’re interested in him without compromising your values?

If so, Watch This…

Hope this helps!

Much Love,


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9 thoughts on “Is It OK For a Woman To Pursue A Man?

  1. Shaz says:

    Thanks so much that was very helpful indeed. What do you have to say about when we spiritually are connected to someone who is unavailable but you sense their pain and yearning ( am not sure if that is for me or someone else) but I can feel him – over the past 18 months and thus think I am in deep love with him. Your comments and thoughts please

    • SHaz,

      I don’t believe being an empath (a person who feels others pain) is an excuse to stay in a relationship with someone who isn’t consistently loving you the way you desire to be loved.

      I suggest you look at why you are in deep love with this guy and if it really is “love” or the story you are telling yourself so you don’t have to walk away

  2. Susan says:

    Thanks Joe for once again reminding me how a GOOD relationship starts: showing interest in him and letting him be a MAN if he’s interested in responding ….. without having to run after him in my high-heeled sneakers, provide a fireworks show comparable to the 4th of July OR knock him out in a ring and drag him home! There are millions of men in the sea and I just need to catch the RIGHT ONE!

  3. Jasmine says:

    Thanks Joe for validating my feelings and putting words to the feelings. You always offer valuable insight. You are always on the mark.

  4. MaryLou says:

    More great advice. Thanks Joe. In my relationships I was primarily operating from masculine energy and then I would lose respect for them and get frustrated because they are weak and don’t help me enough. A man needs a purpose in your life , to help and support you and protect you. I respect a masculine
    man who is decisive and takes charge. A man will fall in love with you when you allow him to do things for you and you are willing to receive from him. Its like Ying and Yang.

  5. Angelica says:

    You’re so right! After my marriage of twenty years fell apart, it rattled me to my core. I was left feeling worthless and unlovable. I’m still dealing with those feelings of what’s wrong with me five years later. My ex-husband, lied, cheated and did some really messed up stuff I won’t go into and now he’s married and I’m still stuck. I managed to attract a relationship with a man who kept leaving and coming back and that’s been going on for a few years. He leaves, goes dating (on the hunt) for months to a year at a time then we get together again cuz he misses me and I’m convinced he’s realized that I’m the one, but I haven’t been and I don’t think I ever will be. Meanwhile I work on becoming a better version of myself, manage to reatract him, we go a little further and a little longer, then we’re back to square one – him retreating and me trying to be better, give more, and do more. I understand it’s masculine energy now. The only way to fix it and me is to stop picking up the slack and have the belief and courage to walk away and know that I deserve to be loved and treated with respect. Now if only I can convince myself and overcome that fear that keeps telling me that my ex left because I wasn’t enough and that I’m fundamentally flawed, otherwise why would they leave me? At this point I’m resigning myself to a life by myself. I’d rather live with the pain of loneliness than to have the person I love so dearly leave me over and over again.

    • Angelica,

      Thanks you so much for having the courage to share your journey. I am sure that your experience will resonate with so many of the members of our community.

      I believe that the answers we are looking for come when we ask better questions.

      So here’s some questions to begin with….”Is it really true that I’m not enough and I’m fundamentally flawed?”

      “Where did this believe come from?”

      “Does this believe play any role in my relationship with my ex-husband and my relationship with Mr. Houdini (Now you see him now you don’t)

      Hope this helps!

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