Is It OK For a Woman To Pursue A Man?

I see so much confusion among the members of the GPS for Love community.

There are those women who have traditional values and who believe that it’s a man’s role to step up and pursue a woman, and then there are other women who have no problem taking the reigns and pursuing a man.

So who’s right?


You see, your values don’t really play a role in the success of a relationship as much as you think they do! What matters most is the way you go about showing interest in a man.

There is a way that will make it easier for you to find the love you’re looking for and there’s a way that will make it more difficult!

Would you like to know what those ways are and how you can let a guy know you’re interested in him without compromising your values?

If so, Watch This…

Hope this helps!

Much Love,


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