How To Know When Going Back To An “EX” IS A Bad Idea


Have you ever gone back to your ex thinking that things were going to be different?

Have you ever had an ex tell you that he was going to change and things were going to get better?

If you’re like most of the members of the GPS for Love community you have learned the hard way that going  back to an “EX” is a bad idea.

Well, in this video you’re going to learn why it’s a bad idea and you’re also going to learn the exception to the rule…the one time when it is OK to go back to an ex.

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2 thoughts on “How To Know When Going Back To An “EX” IS A Bad Idea

  1. Anna says:

    Hi again Joe..its. Anna from Bklyn. I was a bit behind and just watched your video at lunch today. Many of your GPS for Love followers probly tell u that it seems u were speaking directly to them. And this time was no exception for me. Until recently, I have spent the last 3 years in the exact yo yo relationship u described. An older guy became interested in me and the dance began! I was bored with online dating at that point and he seemed polished and yet was street smart. Before too long it was always about him. The minute we were in a good place he started pulling away. I mean he physically disappeared and I would t hear from him for weeks! Each time this happened (and i am embarrassed to say it haopened several times) I would get the apologetic text. It’s as tho he knew when my anger would pass and hit me up when I was most vulnerable. Of course I dated in between all these “where is Waldo” stages…but every time in was in a better place he would pop up. I was foolish enuf to keep repeating the same ritual thinking it would change as he promised. Well this past summer I had more than enuf and basically let him have it via text because of course he was always too busy to talk! My words were honest and i finally called him out on how he truly made me feel.. insignificant and obviously not important enough to him. Guess what ? After all my truths were out in the open I didn’t even get a response. Frustrating rite? I appease myself with the fact that he finally realized how true my words were…and this was why he didn’t bother to reply.. well it’s two months today since our last interaction. We were like a drug for one another Joe…but the after effects were so much worse than withdrawal. They are lasting emotionally and mentally. I advise any woman who is caught up in this ride to realize that you are rite…he won’t change…even when he comes back as this guy did and apologized for emotionally and mentally abusing me…he won’t change. I have him the chance again and I truly believe he wanted to be a better version of himself for me..but unfortunately it hasnt happened in 3 years and i know now it will never change. So here i am hearing ur wise wirds and gettimg stronger Joe…i apologize for the long winded text but I needed to hear what u had to say…and I pray that when he comes back…and we both know he will eventually..that i believe in myself enough to turn away and pretend he doesn’t exist…because he has robbed me of happiness and time. With grarutude and peace.
    ..have a good day my friend. Anna

    • Anna, thank you so much for opening up your heart and sharing your experience. I hope that your willingness to share your story resonates with the other member sof the GPS for Love community who may be going thru a similar situation and they use it as a catalyst to walk away for good.

      The next time the guy comes back (and oddsa re he will) simply remember that you are no longer that womaan.

      You have grown from this experience and this “boy” has given you the wisdom and strength to no longer tolerate guys who don’t love you the way you deserve to be loved from day one!

      Keep us posted!

      Much Love,

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