The Five Ways a Guy Shows You He Really Loves You!


A question I hear all the time is…”Joe,  how do I really know if a guy loves me?” And my answer is always the same….”He’ll show you!”

But my answer is never enough, It’s always followed up with a second question…”But How? How will he show me he loves me?”

Today I’ve decided to ask a friend of mine, Professore Giuseppe to discuss the 5 ways a guy shows a woman that he loves her and is committed to her.

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10 thoughts on “The Five Ways a Guy Shows You He Really Loves You!

  1. Michele says:

    Hey Joe! I love your Italian Uncle. And it was good reinforcement to what I am certain of now. Gratitude to you for that awareness earlier on and I love to hear it again and again. It needs to sink in. Do you think that what we watch as and learn as children is how we then respond as adults to relationships? I can say that I am working on changing most of my not so great behavior. Those behaviors started by my teachers who were doing the best they could. Not always the worst, but led me to confusion, not trusting, feeling inadequate or having a blown up sense of ego. I felt those lbehaviors were the norm. I truly believed that that was what ilove was. I almost stayed with one of the boys, because I never knew that men could be anything else. It is work putting better behavior into place and believing in me. But, I still get those bad tapes playing “summatime” and still obsess. I then realize that I need to keep the focus on myself and stop allowing someone else to be my higher power. I am not sure if any of this makes sense, but apparently it came out for a reason. Much love to you and yours Joe. I just love your fun and humor.

    • Michele,
      There is absolute certainty that a child’s environment and upbringing plays a huge role in what they achieve in their life, especially in their relationships

  2. Helene says:

    Hi Joe, I’m writing this message from Holland, Europe. Unfortunately because of the timedifference I can’t attend you’re livestreams, but I love them! Listening to this video I realised how much my ex-partner of 16 years disrespected me. I already knew that to some extend, but listened to this video for some reason made it sink in deeper. I’m gonna use that to screen better next time. All your video’s have one thing in common: they make me realise that I’m worth more than I was thaught and than I thought. Thank you for that! Much love to you and professore Giuseppe (I love him too :-).
    Oh, and by the way I like that I can comment here on your page: I feel like it provides more privacy. Ciao, amorevole uomo; grazie per chi sei :-).

  3. Thank you.. says:

    Hi Joe”
    Love your big heart and desire to help out with relationships and clarifying what is and what isn’t.
    Always been in unhealthy relationships so this is so helpful seeing what is healthy.

  4. Thank you..Michelle says:

    Also believe a man must have integrity, empathy, and be gentle and kind. Its the little things that count like picking up on my emotions and body language. Is he happy for me or jealous. Does he reciprocate or am i doing all the giving.

  5. Lolin says:

    Like it very much even though I know this. My problem is that I found a good man that want to introduce me to his adult children, and I think it is too soon. I knew him in high school but we have been going out since Oct. 21, we have gone 9 days out only, and I don´t like that he has a beard like a sandpaper, that he talks like he knows everything, and that we have gone to eat the same fritters 4 times. I love how he looks at me, and I know he cares but do you think one can start a relationship without enough love, and will it grow with time? I am old enough to know…but still unsure…. It feels like I like him, how he dances, his values but on the other hand…it feels not good enough…. Am I too picky? I have been a widow for 20 years, my husband was so sweet…haven´t found no one that loved me like him or a love that feels so good.

    • Lolin,
      This is why you “date”. The pupose of dating is to see if this is a person you want to have a relationship and a future with.

      It’s also why it’s VITAL to know what your Checklist for Love & dealbreakers are.

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