Why Men Sexually Harass Women

Here we go again!

Matt Lauer, the Golden Child Co-host of America’s top-rated morning show, The Today Show, was recently fired due to sexually inappropriate conduct.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lauer is not alone. In fact, over the last several weeks, several prominent entertainers and news professionals have lost their careers due to their inappropriate behavior.

These guys, many of whom had high profile positions and who have income in the millions throw it all away for some cheap thrills.

It doesn’t make sense does it?

No it doesn’t. If you’re looking at these guys and trying to use logic and reasoning.

Unfortunately, the behavior of these sexual predators has nothing to do with logic.

So what does it have to do with?

Glad you asked!

Becuase in today’s video, I help you understand what really drives these guys to do what they do.

And no it’s not their penis!

Watch Here…


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6 thoughts on “Why Men Sexually Harass Women

  1. Gail says:

    Dating/Life Coaches are a dime a dozen. Out of all of the male coaches around, you are by far the best. Many of them are a sure cure for insomnia. They talk so slowly I have trouble keeping my eyes open. I have given up trying to listen to them. You are real and it is clear you are unscripted. Natalie is a lucky woman. Thank you for putting your heart into everything you do.

  2. Cat says:

    Joe, this explanation makes SO much sense (and ironically is a very logical explanation for behavior that seems completely illogical!). Thank you for sharing!

  3. Bette says:

    Dear Joe,
    I appreciate your GPS video’s, lectures and group more than you know and that goes 100 X for you as a dating coach. This goes on where I work. (only 30 people in the whole co.) The top rainmaker is the biggest offender. When his 1st wife was pregnant with child no. 2 he was sleeping with my boss’s assistant. He’s slept with almost every intern, some co-workers & now re-married, to the last one he slept with. They ignore it because he brings in the most $$ and the owner was also dating “in-house” as well. Like you said, it’s been going on for years. The BOTTOM LINE take away from this is as you said in another lecture: Men say what the mean and MEAN WHAT THEY SAY. They tell us and show us women when exactly who they are right up front. I could make a list of deal-breakers I’ve heard in the first 10 minutes on the first date. One guy said to me as soon as he sat down, “I like the company of women”…ok… NEXT… So fellow GPS women friends PLEASE LISTEN to what men say, they mean every word.

  4. Marie says:

    Guy that meet their needs in an unhealthy way are not good relational partners (e.g. emotional needs through sex harassment) !
    Thank you, Joe.
    It makes lots of sense. They control through sexuality, force it on people…but they try to meet their deep emotional needs. Through sexuality they get covered several “needs” at the same time. Not healthy way.
    Definitely not for the other people (objects of their supply).

  5. Jade says:


    I met so many guys like this on dating profiles. I knew better and walked away. Now, I am dating a respectful gentleman who is a refreshing change. It is unbelievable how these men all have the same characteristics, very wealthy and also they have unlimited power and plenty of access to women. There are good guys out there you just have to keep looking.

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