Why Men Sexually Harass Women

Here we go again!

Matt Lauer, the Golden Child Co-host of America’s top-rated morning show, The Today Show, was recently fired due to sexually inappropriate conduct.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lauer is not alone. In fact, over the last several weeks, several prominent entertainers and news professionals have lost their careers due to their inappropriate behavior.

These guys, many of whom had high profile positions and who have income in the millions throw it all away for some cheap thrills.

It doesn’t make sense does it?

No it doesn’t. If you’re looking at these guys and trying to use logic and reasoning.

Unfortunately, the behavior of these sexual predators has nothing to do with logic.

So what does it have to do with?

Glad you asked!

Becuase in today’s video, I help you understand what really drives these guys to do what they do.

And no it’s not their penis!

Watch Here…


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