Mentoring Program

If your are serious about investing in yourself so you can create some amazing results in your life, sign up below and let’s begin the journey together.

Qualifications for the GPS For Love Mentoring Program (please read all the way through)

  1. You must be ready to commit, show up and give it your all!
  2. You must be ready to play all out and show up for yourself in ways you have never done before.
  3. You must be willing to open your heart and make room for new and exciting possibilities
  4. Your must be willing to open your mind to finding a better and smarter approach to creating the results you desire.
  5. You must have an intention to be a bigger and better you!
  6. Your must be willing to make a significant investment of your time, energy and yes, you’re money. (The GPS For Love Mentoring Program is NOT free or your cheapest option for personal growth.
  7. You must be open to receiving feedback and assistance and you must be willing to take what you are learning and put it into action.

The GPS For Love Mentoring Program was created by me (Joe) as an extension of the GPS Community for those individuals who are interested in going deeper and taking their lives and relationships to new heights.

Look, I’m not one of those “woo-woo, let’s wear rose colored glasses and pretend everything is gonna be alright” kind of guys.  The world can be, and often is, a difficult place.  And if you don’t have the knowledge, skills and strategies to successfully deal with and overcome the challenges of life, it becomes difficult if not impossible to create the results you say you want.  That’s the bad news!

The good news…if you have the right knowledge, the right skills and the right strategies, and you know what actions to take and implement, creating the results you really want becomes a much easier and much more enjoyable process.

Your know how some people say that knowledge is power?  Well, I don’t! Because what good is having knowledge if you don’t know how (and when) to apply it.

I wish I had the GPS for Love Mentoring program when I first started seeking answers. It would have saved me so many years, so much money and it would have protected me from making some really big mistakes in my life.

The GPS for Love Mentoring Program is my gift to you to help speed up your learning curve so that you can go out and create the results you really want…and deserve!

I’ve put the best stuff I know into this program! I have taken what I have learned in my 20+ year journey studying from and with the greatest leaders in personal and I’ve carefully created and designed  a customized program which totally transforms you and your life if you give it your all.

The GPS for Love Mentoring Program is designed to get to the bottom of why you’re not getting the results you want and to give you the skills, tools and strategies to turn things around.

The GPS for Love Mentoring Program is for those individuals who are not willing to settle, it is for those people who are willing to step up and play big, to do whatever it takes to create the results they really want.

If you’re not ready to make a serious investment in your self and your future then the GPS for Love Mentoring Program isn’t for you. However, if you are ready and you’re committed to taking your life (and the results you get) to the next level, just click the link below and let’s start your journey today!

Much Love,