I wouldn’t trade this kind of love for any bad boy excitement in the world. I spent 30 years of my life dating boys who had no heart. Finding someone at 43, who loves me for me, and who I KNOW will always be my side, is a feeling that I never thought was possible and I owe it all to Joe. He gave me the push I needed to see things in a far clearer light, and as a result of making some simple changes I was able to find the love I was always searching for.
Alexandra D.

Chester and I are doing GREAT!! We just celebrated our 1 year Anniversary! After my divorce I would have never believed I could feel this way again. My faith in men was shaken and you helped me see that I could overcome my past and find love again. I did not know that there was such a gentleman out there. He is calm ,kind and ambitious. He is more than I could ask for…but everything I deserve. Thanks for helping me see that.
-Beverley S.

I learned so much from Joe. As a result of working together I learned how to decipher men and discover the red flags before I put myself in position to get hurt again. As a result my confidence soared.  Creating my “checklist for Love” was just what I needed to help me find the man of my dreams. It took some time but it was worth it, because I am now in a wonderful relationship.
-Elizabeth L.

 I am still pinching myself that I’m dating multiple men!  You were SO RIGHT, that this is the only way to date.  But there’s just one  thing I don’t understand.  For  years, I’ve been lucky to find anyone to date.  Now, as a result of making a few of the changes that you have recommended, guys are coming out of the woodwork. I have to actually find time to date them.  Could just dating “smarter” make such a change? 
-Nina H.

Joe, your really opened my eyes. Not only about dating but about guys too. You helped me to learn that there is a big difference between the “boys” and the “MEN”. I know see that I was wasting my time on the boys when I should have been pursuing a “MAN”. This explains why I was so confused and fed up with online dating. I didn’t recognize the difference. This simple realization has made a HUGE difference in my love life.
-Olivia B.

I have so enjoyed your course. I knew it would be a life changer as I believe we come across things for a reason. I love your compassion and your wish to share what you have learned with others, I learned so much from you. You are an inspiration to me.
-Terry R.

 I just want to say thank you for all you do. You have helped me to become a much stronger and , independent woman. I’ve been learning so much about dating and life thanks to you. You’re just so amazing at what you do. God bless you and thank you for empowering us women and helping us to make “smarter’ choices in our love lives.
-Yoselyn Y.

 I’ve been following a lot of the dating and relationship “gurus” and find Joe to be best! I love his honest, no B.S, straight to the point approach.  He doesn’t talk about “tricks” or playing games or batting eyelashes.  Joe’s approach isn’t the usual fluff about what you need to do to get a guy,  it is about you, finding yourself and what are the root issues to finding love.  If you are serious about finding love and doing the self work required to find that happiness, Joe is your guy!  He ROCKS!!!!
-Raquel V.

 Things are going GREAT! For the first time in my life I can say I love a man and he really loves me. I really didn’t believe it when you said it would be like this! This is so easy, none of the games and drama that I was used to. He does everything to make ME happy and it’s genuine from his heart! This is truly amazing!! Thank you so much!
-Kelly M.

Your approach is so great Joe. Straight, no BS and no fluff, love it!  You are a guardian angel for us women.
-Sara V.

From the first consultation we clicked and I could just tell you genuinely cared about helping me “get out of my own way.”  You made me feel comfortable in sharing my stuff and knowing that you weren’t’ judging me allowed me to feel safe and go deeper to uncover the real blocks which were preventing me from having the love I wanted. You gave me straight up, honest answers. And even though I may not have wanted to hear it, I knew you were telling me the truth. I just didn’t know or have the tools to fix myself. Joe, you gave me the tools. Thank you…you were an amazing part -of making ME a better ME
-Jamie B.

Thanks, in part to your advice I feel I am shining bright! I took all of your points & advice and I feel great!
-Natalie C.

Just wanted to say thank you to you. I don’t have that heavy feeling in my chest anymore and that is because of guidance. You helped me to realize that I hold the power and that a man will treat me the way I allow him to treat me. Thank you for helping me get my power back! God Bless!
-Rhian M.

Seriously Joe, by believing in me, you’ve taught me how to live inspired- being my best, authentic self. What a gift to fully realize! Your ‘tricks’, rather tools, continue to work! Your teachings are that ‘good angel’ on my shoulder. Thanks so much again, Joe!
-Amanda M.

I’m so grateful for how much you’ve helped me to become the EMPOWERED woman I desire to be. I feel like everything is falling into place for me when I truly love myself more and believe that I truly deserve the BEST. 
-Maricris D.

I just love your frank, earnest, honest, straight-forward way of telling it like it is. Reading your words; watching and listening, really hearing your message is like having conversations with a brother or close, caring, male relative. I really am thankful that you put yourself out there to help your “sisters”. GOD Bless you.
-Donna B.

Thank you so much for all your help. Your  videos, blogs and webinars gave me support, clarity and guidance through a really difficult time. Thank you for helping me move towards being the best version of me rather than wallowing in misery and helplessness. Lots of love to you!
-Celina M.

 I just want to let you know how happy I am. Last night I was thinking about all the changes I have made in my life and how those changes have helped me get to the place I am right now. I can’t believe how great it feels to be with a guy who makes me so happy. Thank you for helping me get here, I couldn’t have done it without your love and guidance.
-Kleisy P