The Difference Between Fear & Uncertainty


In the last blog you learned about the top 3 fears which may be stopping you in your love life.

Well, today you are going to learn that these three things that you think are fear are not really what you think they are.

Now let me explain what I mean.uncertainty

Fear, is a biological response in your brain that is designed to keep you alive and keep you safe.

Millions of years ago our ancestors were living in caves and if they walked outside without surveying the land they would get eaten. So the Universe put this mechanism in their brains which was designed to keep them safe…and alive!

And it’s a wonderful mechanism, which has continues to protect us humans to this day.

So you must understand that anything that does not threaten your life or your physical safety is not fear…it is UNCERTAINTY.

You see, Uncertainty is the emotional state when you can not control the outcome. It is the proverbial gray zone, where things are not black or white.

The problem with uncertainty is it feels exactly the same as the biological fear that is designed to protect you.

Here are some examples of Uncertainty…

—When you stay in a relationship too long

—When you jump into a relationship too quick

—When you have sex with thinking that he’ll want a relationship with you

—When you are afraid of being honest with a guy (b/c you think he’ll leave you)

—when you settle

You see, in all of these examples if you were to be completely honest with yourself you will see that the feeling of being scared that you get when you are uncertain has nothing to do with your viability or physical safety.

But it has everything to do with your emotional desire for things to be the way you want them to be or the way you think they should be. Your strong desire for certainty makes it very difficult for you to deal with the times when you are uncertain.

And do you know what the irony is?

There are no experiences that will put you into more uncertainty than dating and relationships

No mater how much you try to love someone, no matter how much you try to make things go the way you want them to go there are outside forces that you can’t control. and the fact that you can’t control them and get the result you want scares the crap out of you.

Whenever I take on a new mentoring client the first thing I do is show them how to build a healthy relationship with Uncertainty. I teach them how recognize and deal with the source of their scared feelings and I show them how to use their POWER to not only get thru it, but to see what actions they must take to greatly increase their chances of getting the results they want.

Learning how to dance with the uncertainty in life is one of the most powerful and important things you can do in your life.

Because once you master this skill, your the road to love becomes much easier to navigate..and it gets a lot more enjoyable too!

What is your biggest thing you are scared of in your love life? Is it fear or is it uncertainty. Scroll down to the comments section and share your thoughts and questions with us

Hope this helps!

Much Love,

Do your fears often get the best of you? Do you often make choices and decisions in your love life that you regret? Would you like to learn how to reclaim your POWER so that you can handle and deal with the Uncertainty in a healthy and smart way while simultaneously increasing the chances of getting the results you really want in your love life?

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The 3 Fears Which Will Ruin Your Love Life



Happy Wednesday!

We’re still struggling, trying to get our video production software compatible with the Windows 10 Update.

I understand the need to try and make things better but sometimes if things are working well it’s best to simply leave things alone.

Kind of like a relationship, right?

Speaking of relationships today I want to address something which I believe is one of the biggest reasons you are struggling in your love life….YOUR FEAR.

Now I know the simple mention of that word is enough to cause you to run away and avoid facing this obstacle 3 fearsbut what I’d like you do to is learn how to face your fear and kick it’s a**.

You see if you continue to struggle in your love life it’s usually due to one of three fears

1) You’re not good enough (to be loved as you are)

2) You won’t be loved or you’ll lose it once you find it

3) You’ll never find the love you really want (so you settle)

And there is a simple way to know if any of these three fears are a problem for you. You simply step out of your love life and look at it as an observer.

Do you try really hard to make a guy like you and fall in love with you? Do you think you have to do certain things or act a certain way to make a guy want to be with you. i

Do you have a hard time being honest and being yourself because you’re afraid of scaring a guy away?

Do you tend to jump into relationships or stay in relationships where you’re giving and giving but not getting back what you need?

Is there any otehr kind of “pattern” that you notice? If you and and you explore it you’ll find that underneath it is one of the three fears mentioned above

Now you may already be aware (conscious) of your fears or you may not be aware of them and their hidden deep in your unconscious mind.

Bu no matter what part of your mind your fears reside in, it is imperative that you identify and eliminate them. Because if you don’t they will continue to make your journey much more difficult than it needs to be.

Today I invite you to take some Mirror Time to identify your fear(s) and once you do I invite you to c’mon on over to today’s blog and share what you discover. And if you have any questions or comments about your fears make sure to post them.
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In the next blog I am going to share some amazing information about your fears and how to use this information to breakthrough them…once and for all!

Stay Tuned….

Have an awesome day!

Much Love,


Study Reveals Men Take Longer To Heal a Broken Heart


As Natalie & I were preparing to go for walk this morning we had the TV tuned to Live with Kelly & Michael.

And just when we were about to walk man-cryingout the door I heard something that immediately caught my attention and made me stop dead in my tracks.

They were talking about a recent research study done by Binghamton University which revealed that men have a much harder time moving on and healing from having their hearts broken.

This may be hard to believe, but I’ve come to learn that this is true.
I know it is hard for you to believe that us guys even have hearts and based on your experience it seems like most guys have no emotion and can go from one relationship to the next.

But you must remember the guys that we’re talking about and which the article reverence are MEN and not boys.

The basis of the article (which is posted below) is that women may be devastated by the initial breakup and will be much more “emotional” right after the breakup but because men have been conditioned to not feel and express their emotions, men suppress their true feelings and as a result have a much harder time moving on.

I can tell you, that the emotional pain I had from having my heartbroken at age 20 (when my girlfriend of three years broke up with me) was much more devastating then the pain I felt after my dad passed away from cancer when I was 15 years old.

Now I know it can be hard for you to even open up to this possibility but that is why I am sharing this with you.

Most guys are often categorized into being these selfish, self centered, egotistical beings who only think (and feel) with our d*cks. But the truth is we have feelings, we have emotions and unless we are taught how to express (and deal) with our emotions in a healthy and masculine way, most guys have a hard time processing their emotions.

Today’s blog is in no way an excuse for the boys and their immature behavior.

The bottom line is that no guy should have to be taught how to respect and treat a woman.

But it is to help you understand that underneath the tough, macho exterior of most guys is simply a human being who has not learned to handle and express his true feelings and emotions.


Here is the full article…

Why men may never truly get over a break-up

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on this. And if you have any specific questions feel free to post em as well. just scroll down to the comments box below

Have an awesome weekend!

Much Love,



What To Do When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Today I had a completely different blog for you and after I recorded the video and began the process of editing, converting and getting it ready to post in to today’s blog I found out that the system I have been using is not compatibleCrying woman clutching her head with the new window’s 10 upgrade.

I put in a call to Microsoft and I was told that a tech would get back to me in a lil over two hours. So instead of siting around and waiting I decided to switch gears and create a different blog.

so today, instead of a video, you will get a written blog.

and the topic of today’s blog is learning how to “let go and go with the flow”. Pretty timely, huh?

You see, when it comes to your love life there will be times, LOTS OF ‘EM< where things don’t go your way.

There will be times when the guy you’re dating leads you on and lets you down. There will be times where the guy you’re in a relationship with, the guy you thought you had a future with suddenly tells you he’s not in love with you anymore and he no longer wants to be in a relationship. And there will be times when you are with a guy you think you know, but who suddenly reveals a part of himself that makes you realize he’s the wrong guy for you.

And when things don’t go your way, you have two options

1) You can resist
2) You can accept and move on

You see, there is no rule that life is fair. And more often than not it you will get screwed and get the short end of the stick.

But how you react to the adversity in life will ultiamtely determine whether you WIN …or you WHINE!

Now, I’m not saying that a computer problem is analogous to the problems you have in your love life. And if we were to be honest, a problem with an upgrade to windows 10 is pretty insignificant in the big scope of life.

But I can ell you that many years ago this small problem would have put me into a very bad space.

One of the things I have learned in my journey is that life is going to throw things at you. And I can honestly say that in my life, I have had A LOT of sh*t thrown at me.

But the one thing I have learned is that I have the ability to choose how I am going to deal with that stuff….AND SO DO YOU!

You see, you can play the role of victim and sit around and complain about how you’ve been screwed and how unfair things are. And you can come up with all the evidence which supports your view. Or, you can sit back, take some Mirror Time and look at what’s going on? To see what role you may have played and to see what you can learn from that unwanted experience.

When I was younger I used to think that life happened to me and that I was just a powerless pawn at the mercy of the Universal.

But I’ve come to learn that life doesn’t happen to me, it happens FOR ME (and FOR YOU too!) and that everything that has happened, is happening and will happen is doing so for a reason. And that reason is so that we can experience our highest good.

Now I know this must sound like I’m smoking some type of crack. And if you would have told me when I was 15 that losing my dad to cancer was going to be an experience that would lead to A LOT of blessings in my life  I would have called you an idiot and told you to get the f*ck out of my face.

But as I have grown I see, that all of it, even the sh*t in life, is happening for a reason.

If you can open your heart and your mind to the possibility that life is happening FOR YOU, and not to you, you put yourself in a position where it is easier to reclaim your POWER. And once you reclaim your POWER you can see things more clearly and it becomes easier to learn and make the changes you need to make to create the results you want and deserve in your love life.

So today, I invite you to take some Mirror Time and ask yourself “What if _______________ (insert your problem/struggle) was really happening for me. What if there was a lesson or some message I am meant to receive from this?”

And after you take this Mirror Time I invite you to scroll down to the comments section and share the results of your new powerful thinking.

Hope this helps!
Much Love,

Do you know someone who is going through a hard time who may benefit from today’s blog? Why not be a good friend and forward this to them. It might be just what they need to break out of their slump. Thanx!

How Important Is Chemistry?


Do you have a hard time finding a guy that you feel an instant connection with? Do you believe that if you don’t feel a spark with a guy then you’ll never be able to have the relationship you really want?

Are you afraid that if you don’t feel instant chemistry you’ll never have a guy that will excite you?

If so, this video is for you because you will learn what chemistry really is and how you can still have it, even if you don’t feel it on the first date.

Watch Here…

How do you define chemistry and what role does it play in your love life?  Scroll down to share your comments, questions and feedback.

Much Love,



Would You Cancel a First Date


Today’s vblog is in two parts.

In the first video you will be given a scenario that recently happened to a member of the smarter dating community. She was schedule to go out on a first date with a guy she recently met. And then two days before she was to go out with him her girlfriend called and invited her away for an amazing weekend getaway?

She was torn and ultiamtely she had to make one of three decisions, each of which are revealed in the first video

Watch Here…

Guess which option she chose?


And Guess what happened?  The guy blew her off and never showed for the date.

I’m not saying she made the wrong decision but her reasoning for NOT canceling was made out of fear and not  from her POWER and that is why I think one of the other  options was a better choice.

To understand why “C” was a better choice watch part two of today’s vblog…NOW

Watch Here…

What would you if this happens to you? Would you cancel the date, postpone or tell your girlfriend you had other commitments?  Scroll down to the bottom and share your comments, questions or feedback

Hope this helps!

Much Love,




There is a Gift in The Pain


Have you ever taken the time to consider that all of the pain, heartache and disappointment of the past may actually be a…GIFT?

What if, maybe, just maybe everything The Gift of Painthat has happened (or is happening now) was all universally designed to help prepare you for something even better?

I know it may be hard to wrap your head around that statement, but I promise you that if you can open yourself up to its possibilities things can change dramatically.

Now if you think this is a lot of new age, positive thinking bullsh*t, I can completely understand.

There was a day many years ago where I couldn’t have imagined that the emotional pain I was going thru was all part of some divine plan to prepare me for something even better.

You see, just 28 days before walking down the aisle, my then fiance, revealed something to me that made me realize we were both making a huge mistake. So we decided to call off the wedding.

The emotional pain and embarrassment I felt initially made it very difficult for me to move on. I had given everything I had to make my “ex” happy and to make the relationship work. But my efforts were all for naught (or so I thought) and I wound up feeling angry and depressed.

Bu then one day, I decided to look at the pain I was going thru and see it as a gift.

My mother, a woman of devout faith, always told me “everything happens for a reasonn” and “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.”

And I must admit they always sounded like cliches, things that a mother is supposed to tell her child when they are going though tough times.

But then I looked at these cliches and I looked at they applied to her life.

My mom was a remarkably resilient woman. When she was 41 my dad passed away from cancer leaving her a widow who now how to provide (in all ways) for my sister and me.

And it would have been very easy for my mother to play the role of victim or martyr. To complain about how she good screwed and dealt a bad hand in life.

But she never did.

Instead she met life head on.

And it was her example that helped me when I was going through my own divine storm.

I am sharing this with you today because I want you to understand that although the pain of the past has it’s grip on you, you don’t have to hold on to it.

There is a way past it and though it. And the best way to do that is to see it as a gift. Something that is not happening to you but for you!

And I get it if you think it’s a bunch of B.S.. If you would have told me that right after my wedding was cancelled I would have felt the same way.

But now that I look back. Now that I can see things more clearly I can honestly say, that the pain of the PAST is a gift and I am grateful for it…ALL OF IT.


Because those painful times were all a part of my journey. They all helped me grow and become a better and stronger me. And I can honestly say that I have the relationship I have today because of my past, not in spite of it.

Going thru all of my sh*t made me realize I had to do some things differently. It made me see that I had to make some major changes in the way I did things.

And I would have never had that realization if I didn’t go thru what I went though.

So today I have a challenge for you.

You see, you now have a decision to make. You can see the past and the pain as something bad that has happened. You can continue to focus on all of the pain that is associated with it. You can continue to come up with all of the reasons and justifications as to why (and how) you you got screwed.


You can see it as a GIFT. Something that God and the Universe had to make happen to wake you up so that you could learn your lesson(S). To see how strong and powerful you really are and to show you so that you could create the result you really want in your love life.

Now this might not be easy at first. There’s going to be a part of you that’s going to want to hold on to the past. Because when you hold on to the past it keeps you from putting yourself out there and having your heart broken again.

But I promise you that the more you embrace the idea that the pain of the past is a gift, the more you start to OWN it the easier it will be to move on and find the love you really want.

The choice is now yours. what are you going to choose?

Take some time and let us know by sharing your thoughts, comments and questions in the box below.

Hope this helps!

Much Love,


The BIG Decision You Must Make In Your Love Life


Are you tired of giving your all to a relationship? Do you tend to give too much? Do you think if you continue to love a guy he will turn into the man you really want?

In today’s video you will learn about a decision that you MUST make if you are going to create the relationship you really want.

This one decision has the power to turn your love life around today….but only if you make it…and stick to it!

Watch Here…

Does today’s video resonate with you? Do you try too hard? Do you think you have to do something special tom make a guy fall in love with you?

Post your comments, questions and feedback below

Hope This helps!

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Courageous Love vs. Reckless Love


Did you know that the WAY you open your heart to a man will greatly predict the success of your future relationship?

Would you like to learn HOW to increase your chances of having a rockin’ relationship while also protecting yourself from getting hurt again?
If so, watch this video …NOW

Watch Here…

After watching today’s video I invite you to take some Mirror Time to see how you’ve been loving….courageously or recklessly.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback  about courageous/reckless make sure to post em below

Hope this helps!

Much Love




How To Get a Man To Want To Commit To You


Ever wondered what it would take for a guy to commit the rest of his life to you and only you?

Want to know how to be the woman that causes the right guy to want to spend his life with you?

In this video you will learn the secret to getting a guy to want to commit.

Watch Here…

Do you have a hard time being yourself? Do you think you have to do something or be someone else in order fro a guy to fall in love with you?

Do you try too hard to impress a guy so that he’ll want to be with you?

Scroll down to the comments section and share your thoughts and feelings on today’s vblog and how it will help you in your love life

Much Love,