5 Steps for Emotional Healing

Are you having a hard time getting over a broken heart? Is the pain of the past so raw that you’re finding it difficult to let go and move on?

If so, this video is for you!

You will learn the 5 practical steps you can take get over your pain so that you can move on.

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6 Signs It’s Time to Walk Away

Ever been in a relationship where you gave your all to make a guy happy and it still didn’t work out? Are you in a relationship like that now?

If so, You MUST watch this video because there is a common misconception that love means it’s your responsibility to put your partner’s happiness before your own

But that’s a LIE!

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to realize that you have needs and that if your needs aren’t being met you’ll never be happy, and it’s time to walk away.

In this video you will learn the 6 signs that’s it’s time to say goodbye.

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After watching today’s video I invite you to post any comments, questions or feedback below.

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The Secret To a Great Relationship is…YOU!

It’s Joe. Happy Hump day! It’s a dreary cold, ugly day here in NJ and it’s days like this where I have to remind myself that up there somewhere, behind the clouds and the dark youskies is the sun and that sometime soon the sun will appear again as it always does.

Its hard to believe that isn’t it? When there’s no “sun” in sight and everything around you is bleak and dreary it’s hard to believe that things will get better.

I get it.

You know I’m often asked why I walked away from a career in Chiropractic to help others find love.
It’s simple.
For fourteen years I struggled in my love life. I went from one dead end relationship to another. And because I was so desperate to get married and have a son of my own (b/c my dad died when I was 15 and there was a huge void in my life) I wound up getting engaged to a woman  I should have never started a relationship with.
And that relationship almost destroyed me.Have you ever given your all to a person who told you how committed they were to you, how they wanted to spend the rest of their life with you?

Well imagine finding out just 28 days before walking down the aisle that they were lying to you and them self.

Imagine going to your mailbox and receiving responses from your friends and family, some of whom were flying in for your wedding and then having to call those people a few minutes after receiving their response to and tell them the wedding was off.
I remember those days as if they were yesterday. But I also remember how quickly things can turn around.One of the greatest gifts I learned from my mom is that everything happens for a reason and sometimes those reasons never make sense, but the Universe will never give you something that you can’t handle.

My mother was an example of how things could turn around. My mom buried my dad when she was just 41 years old.But she never sat around feeling sorry for herself. And even though the next few years were tough for her, she always met life head on. And what’s cool about her story is that a few years after she became a widow she met another amazing MAN (They’ve now been
married 26 years) .

And I remember how quickly things turned around. How after making a few small changes I was able to find the relationship I was really looking for.
My mom was an example that I could find love again. So after my ex and I broke up I decided that I was going to learn from my past and use it as a catalyst to find the relationship I really wanted.
People often ask me what the secret it is to finding an amazing relationship and theanswer I give them isn’t what they are looking for.

It’s too simple, they want some complicated explanation.

Because that’s what we do in life isn’t it? We make things so much more complicated than they need to be. The answers are usually so simple…
Want to lose more weight? Eat better and exercise regularly!
Want to save money? Don’t spend more than you make!
Want to have a fulfilling career? Don’t stay in a job you hate just for the paycheck.
Want a great relationship…don’t get involved with assholes!
You see, the reasons we tend to make things more complicated than they need to be is that we believe it has to be complicated reason.

And because we want to believe it is complicated we come up with a ton of excuses to prove to ourselves (and others) how hard things are.

I’ll be the first to admit that there area  lot of things, a ton of things, that I don’t know much about. And there are even more things that I don’t really care about.
But one of the things I love, one of the things that lights me up is helping others make sense of the whole Love and Relationships thing.
Because believe it or not it doesn’t have to be that complicated and the only reason it appears complicated is because you are unknowingly making it more complicated than it needs to be.
And it’s not your fault. No one ever taught you how easy it can be. Now one ever showed you that creating an awesome relationship doesn’t have to be like having a root canal.Maybe it’s because your parents sucked and you didn’t have role models to show you what a healthy relationship looked like. Maybe it’s because your parents so were caught up in their own stuff that they totally messed up self worth and self esteem causing you to look for love in unhealthy ways. Maybe it’s because you had good parents but they never taught you the ins and outs of what it took to create a relationship that lasts.

Or, maybe that it’s because deep down you don’t feel your worthy so you seek a guy’s love, attention or approval to feel good about yourself

So, when someone asks me what the secret is to having an amazing relationship I give them a simple answer, the same answer I’m gonna give you.

The secret to having an amazing relationship, one that rocks your world in and out of the bedroom is….YOU!
You see it is not what you do but it is who you are being that ultimately determines the quality of your relationship.

And I know that’s hard to digest. Because you think (and want to believe ) that it is something else.
You want to believe that it’s something that you’re not doing. You wan to believe that you need to read some books, watch more videos and make some changes (physical or emotional) before a guy will want to commit his life to you.
And just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you’re looking everywhere other than where the answer is, right there at your feet.

But you want it to be more complicated than that. You want to give away your POWER. You want to blame your parents, your ex and all the “boys” you’ve ever dated who screwed you over instead of looking in the mirror and admitting that maybe, just maybe you may be playing a role in your struggles.

And instead of taking some Mirror Time and getting to the real cause of your problems you want to come up with all of the reasons and excuses as to why you’re still single.
Things such as
  • There are no good men out there and the good ones are all taken or gay
  • Men can’t commit
  • Guys only care about getting laid
  • I don’t know where to go to meet a good guy
  • If I don’t have immediate chemistry it’ll never work
  • I have to work on myself first
  • I’m afraid of getting hurt again
  • There are no good men that live in my area
And I know right now that this is pissing you off. And I understand.Because if someone would have told me that I was the cause of my relationship problems after my engagement ended I would have gotten real pissed off.

Because at that time I had given 110% to that relationship. I did everything I could, possibly do to make her happy and make the relationship work, including putting my  needs and my desires on the back burner.
So it couldn’t have been my fault.

But what I ultimately realized is that I picked the wrong person. And I tried to have a happy relationship with someone who couldn’t give me what I needed.
And I stayed with that person and I  tried to make it work for three miserable years because I was afraid to admit the truth…I was the cause of my problems.
That was the bad news but it was also the good news. Because if I was the source of what was wrong than I could learn to be the source of what was right.That realization changed my life  and it helped me to find the love of my life (and I believe it can do the same for you!)

So, today I’d like to invite you to take some Mirror Time, some serious Mirror Time. And I want you to step back and look back over your love life as if you were an observer. And I want you to see what role you have may have played in things not working out in your love life.
  • Do you tend to go after guys who look great on the outside but who are assh*oles on the inside? Do you jump into relationships too quickly?
  • Do you stay way too long?
  • Are you so afraid of being alone and not finding the love you’re really looking for that you tend to settle (like I did)? or have you been so hurt in the past, that you have put up walls that even superman couldn’t penetrate?
You see, you can read all the books you want. You can watch all the videos, search all the blogs and listen to all the Love Gurus but the answer to everything you’re seeking is right there at your feet.
You don’t have to worry about the “HOW” that is not your job. That is the job of the Universe. If you would have told me how I would have met my wife (we met online) I would have laughed in your face.

You see, the Universe is a giant GPS system trying to guide you and support you on your journey but it can’t help you if you turn it off or ignore its guidance.
 And what’s cool about the GPS for Love is that it is always on. No matter how many wrong turns you make. No matter how many times you ignore it because you think you know a better way. It’s always there to guide you.
And that’s one of the hardest things about your journey. You think you know better. You think you “know” who is right for you and you’re afraid to trust the GPS.

But the truth is that once you do, the journey becomes much easier.

The Tools For Healing A Broken Heart

Have you ever been in a relationship where you were blindsided, betrayed by a guy you thought was the love of your life?

Is the pain of having your heart broken just as strong today as the day it happened (even if that day was years ago?)

If so, this video is a MUST because you will learn three TOOLS which you can immediately start using to heal your broken heart.

Get the tools here…


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The First Step Towards Healing a Broken Heart

Have you ever given your all to a guy only to have him rip out your heart and shred it into a thousand pieces? And while he’s moved on with his life you’re still trying to figure out what  happened. Right?

Having your heart broken sucks! But it doesn’t’ mean that it won’t heal. In fact, part of the healing process is understanding “WHY” your ex screwed you over.

Now the answer may not immediately take away the pain of the past but it is the first step towards moving on and healing your broken heart.

Watch Here…

Does this give you the clarity you’re seeking or is there something that you’re still struggling with? Please post your questions or comments below.

I’m here to help!

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Do You Believe in Love?

Today I wanted to talk about something that may be preventing you from finding the love you are looking for….your Beliefs.

There is an old quote that says…”you’ll see it when you believe it”.

Well, I’ve come to learn that this phrase is 100% true believe in lovebut it’s only one part of the Love equation. Because you can believe love is possible but if your actions and your choices aren’t consistently in alignment with what it is you say you want, then it makes it almost impossible to have it.

For example. Let’s say you want a great guy and a rockin’ relationship (in and out of the bedroom), yet you don’t do anything. You don’t put yourself out there. You sit at home, say your prayers, put up vision boards and read all the blogs and books which tell you how to find love, but you don’t take any action to go out and actually meet men.

Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but it ain’t gonna happen.

The odds that the cable TV guy is going to ring your doorbell and be the man of your dreams is about as good as my chances of growing hair and getting on the cover of GQ.

And conversely if you want to find that special guy to share your life with and you keep jumping into relationships where you ignore the red flags (or make excuses for them) you may wind up in a relationship but it will be a Toilet Bowl relationship (the one that makes you feel like crap)

And lastly if you’re so afraid that you won’t find the love that you’re willing to take any guy who comes along you’ll wind up in a relationship where you’re doing all of the giving but you’re upset because you’re not “getting” your needs met.

You see, there is a simple formula for finding love…”Believe it….Think & Act Like it is going to happen…Achieve it.

Now I know this sounds so simple and right now you’re gong Joe this is such a bunch of BS, it’s so much more complicated than this.

And I agree. It appears so much more complicated. And that is because on some unconscious level you believe it is more complicated than it is.

So today I invite you to take some mirror time. I want you to look at your beliefs about Men, Dating, Relationships, Love & Marriage.

I invite you to spend some serious Mirror Time investigating if your beliefs are in alignment with what it is you say you want. I want you to explore and see if there may be an inner conflict between what it is you say you want and what it is you truly believe.

Because it is so much easier to find and attract love into your life when your beliefs are in direct alignment with what it is you say you desire.

After doing the Mirror Time exercise I invite you to share what you have discovered and how those beliefs may be working against you. You an share your observations in the comments section below.

And if you have any questions, comments or feedback, make sure to post those below as well. The GPS for Love Community is a safe place for you receive guidance and direction to help you create the relationship you desire…and deserve!


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The Love Thermostat

Ever wondered why you keep getting the same results in your love life? Have you ever wondered why you’re attract to or keep attracting the same types of guys?

Well, it’s not your fault. It’s because your Love Thermostat has the wrong settings.

In this video you will not only learn what a Love Thermostat is, but you will learn how to recognize if your Love Thermostat has been set correctly

Watch here…

At the end of the video is a special Mirror Time  exercise which will help you recognize if your Love Thermostat is set properly,

Take two mins to complete it and once you do In invite you to share your observations, questions and comments below in eh comments box.

Hope this helps!

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How To Know If You And A Guy Are Compatible – Part Two

In the last video you learned the 4 C’s of Compatibility:
Chemsitry, Connection, Communication & Common Morals, Values & Spiritual Beliefs

Well, there was one “C” I  left out. And the reason I left it out was because this “C”  is so big that it needed a separate video on its own.

Why? Because this “C” is the BIGGEST reasons most marriages fail.

If you want to build a relationship that is going to stand the test of time it is imperative that focus on the 5th C.

Watch below to Find out what the 5th “C” is…

After watching today’s vblog make sure to tell us what you think. Does this “C” matter? Share your thoughts & feelings. I’d love to hear from you.
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The 4 C’s of Compatibility – How to Recognize if You and a Guy are a Good Match

When it comes to finding the right guy to share your life with it is essential that you focus on compatibility.

However, compatibility is a vague and somewhat confusing parameter to base your relationship on so in this video you will learn the 4 C’s of compatibility and how to recognize if a relationship is built to last.

Watch here…

After You Watch today’s vblog make sure to take some Mirror Time to look at your past relationships (or the one you’re in now) and see which of the 4 C’s were/are missing.

And then go to the comments section below and share what you have learned so that someone else in the GPS for Love community may benefit from your sharing.

If you have any other questions, comments or feedback make sure to post them too!
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If You Want a Relationship To Last…Look For This First!

Do you have a history of relationships which start out HOT but which quickly burn out?

Do you find yourself attracted to guys who ultimately let you down or disappear?

Is CHEMISTRY one of the biggest things you look for in a guy?

If so, you MUST watch this video because you will learn that there is something more important then chemistry that you should be be looking for first.

If you want a relationship that is going to stand the test of time then it is vital that you look for this other thing first.

To learn what it is….

Watch here:

After you watch the video make sure to take some Mirror Time to see what changes you can make.

Don’t forget to share what those changes are. And if you have any other questions, observations or feedback make sure to post em as well!

Hope this helps!
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